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August’s PIMP MY READ Winner Is…

Our PIMPED READ for August 2014 is:

“A Thing of Beauty” by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian




And the winner of the ENTIRE pimped library is:


**Giveaway winner selected via random.org/lists.

Please reach out to us via our CONTACT US page so we can coordinate delivery of your ebooks!**

3 comments on “August’s PIMP MY READ Winner Is…

  1. xlorix
    September 8, 2014

    Hi –

    *happy dance*

    I can’t believe I won, I am so EXCITED! For some reason the contact us button isn’t working for me. :( What info do you need??


    • Sheri
      September 8, 2014

      *grabs hands and twirls with you!*
      I am so excited for you. No worries, we’ll get it figured out. I’m sure the goods will coming soon. :D


      • xlorix
        September 9, 2014

        ((Hugs)) I’m still excited! :) its a fab selection!


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