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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “Hunting the Spy” by Tyler Flynn



England, 1792

Revolution rages in France, and war with England is imminent. But Nathan Kennett is fighting his own battle. An undercover spy catcher, he’s after an unknown informant who’s supplying valuable secrets about the English coastal defenses to the French.

When he discovers a dead body in his employer’s house, with Sir Peter Ross hunched over it, he has his suspect. Lean, strong and firm, Peter is Nathan’s ex-lover—and a member of the aristocracy. He represents everything Nathan hates and has the arrogance to match. Peter broke off their affair with no explanation, but is he capable of murder, and treason besides?

Trying to keep one step ahead of his enemies, Nathan has only two days to identify and deliver the informant to his superiors in London. Peter swears his innocence and offers to help find the true culprit, but as riots swell in the streets, Nathan can’t be sure he can trust him. Or himself, when they’re together.


At first, I was quite excited with the idea of reunited lovers who meet again with one being a murder suspect. However, I must say that the story became lackluster for me after half-way through. The whole traitor plot combined with the political intrigue at that time — which was unfamiliar to me, being an Asian — got me rather lost in the middle and I couldn’t enjoy the push and pull between the two men.

It could’ve been better for me if the romance was stronger — unfortunately, I just didn’t understand Nathan’s hatred towards the upper classes (if he did so much, why was he involved with Peter in the first place?) and it was carried out a bit too long. Peter’s reason why he let go of Nathan in the first place — also arrived a bit too late for my liking. In addition, I was a bit annoyed with how Nathan seemed unable to trust Peter the whole way through, that Nathan kept questioning Peter’s motives for helping him. He abandoned Peter a bit too many times, whereas I, as a reader, could easily read Peter’s reasons.

It wasn’t a bad story — but in the end, it was just a lukewarm historical romance and rather repetitive push and pull which then fell into my ‘okay’ category.



22662501Title: Hunting the Spy
Author: Tyler Flynn
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: 188
Release Date: September 22, 2014
Purchase Links: Carina Press, AReAmazon

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