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REVIEW: “While My Daddy Was Asleep” and “Gay Wrestling” by Josh Lark



While My Daddy Was Asleep: A Gay Taboo Sleeping Family Sex Fantasy

Sean’s mother left him and his step-dad a long time ago, so he’s used to taking care of his lonely Daddy. When he finally builds up the strength to tell his Daddy that he’s gay, though, things don’t go as planned. Fearing rejection, he runs away for a few days, but when he comes home to his Daddy knocked out on the couch with his pants down, what’s a boy to do? Take care of Daddy, of course…WARNING: This 9800-word erotic story by Josh Lark contains explicit descriptions of sex between two men, including oral and anal between a gay son and his reluctant, sleeping step-dad. It’ll give you dreams that make you wake up sweaty, hopefully not alone.


Gay Wrestling, Hot College Athlete Sex

Simon’s a great wrestler – strong, muscular, intuitive – but when new kid Brady joins the wrestling team, he just can’t get a read on him. There’s something Simon can’t put his finger on, something that he finds strangely compelling, not only on the mat, but in the showers, too. Something that turns Simon on during practice while grappling with Brady’s hot body. When Brady invites him to a rematch in their underwear, will it be something Simon succumbs to? WARNING: This 8700-word erotic story by Josh Lark contains scenes of intensely sexy wrestling, a struggle for sexual dominance, and explicit anal sex between two hot college jocks. It is not intended for featherweights.



I’d like you guys to meet Josh Lark.

..who writes about ‘hairy Japanese samurai getting fucked by Asian dragons’, ‘gay gangbangs in office sensitivity training’ and ‘anal alien sex at Area 51’. And does so while looking all nice and wholesome and baby-face-ish fresh!


And that’s not all! Besides being the uncrowned King of Gay Smut, Lark likes playing 7-card stud poker and gay rugby (GAY RUGBY, ZOMG!). He’s a newlywed; he and his husband share their home with two Buick-sized Great Danes.

No, no. I didn’t engage in creepy stalker behavior, this is all from his Amazon profile. Anyway! if his name rings a bell, it’s probably because I highlighted two of his stories during good covers/bad covers week. Since I was wondering if his short stories, that cover pretty much all the kinks on the kinky spectrum, would be consistent in quality, I decided to read two more for y’all.

And damn, but ‘While My Daddy Was Asleep, A Gay Taboo Sleeping Family Sex Fantasy’ fully embraces the subject! I’m impressed actually. The beer drinking, white trash daddy is described beautifully, right down to his musky, sweaty scents and sagging PJ bottoms. The son’s thought-process and build up to making his move are pretty believable as well. He doesn’t simply jump his daddy’s bones after a horny look, which is almost what you’d expect considering the number of pages. My only regret is that Lark doesn’t take it far enough. The fact that it’s a step-dad and not a real dad will probably help a lot of readers deal with the squeak-factor better, and I’m not complaining about that. But I do think that the actual sex could’ve been a little harsher and more according to the daddy/son dynamics.

Gay Wrestling, Hot College Athlete Sex is really good too. You’d think that 20 pages can only contain a smut fest. And there’s smut alright, but it’s quite something how many emotions Lark manages to inject into such a short story. In this one too, you really feel for the narrator when he develops a hard on during a wrestling match with the hot, new guy. The other straight dudes can’t find out, but how to hide a boner in your little elastic spandex outfit, eh? Exactly! Expect a dash of delightful angst and fun. Of course it’s hardly a spoiler that someone DOES find out about his little problem and..yeah, you’ll get what you came for.

Man, isn’t it great to expect Porn Without Plot and then get treated to Porn with an actual Plot?! Lark’s stories are refreshingly fleshed out. When you read multiple of them, I think that the sex scenes will start to blur together though. He could experiment more with making them fit the atmosphere and personalities of his MCs. Really, the only thing I have my doubts about are the price tags of these stories. The price/pages ratio is cray-cray. I’d say either splurge on your favorite fantasy if you’re in the mood for hot smut or keep an eye out for possible discounts!



18881743Title: While My Daddy Was Asleep: A Gay Taboo Sleeping Family Sex Fantasy
Author: Josh Lark
Publisher: Self pub
Pages: 26
Release Date: February 15th 2013
Purchase Links: Smashwords



19407436Title: Gay Wrestling, Hot College Athlete Sex
Author: Josh Lark
Publisher: Self pub
Pages: 20
Release Date: January 4th 2013
Purchase Links: Smashwords

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