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REVIEW: “Just a Little Bad” by KA Mitchell



Because sometimes you need a little reassurance on your happy ending.

Book 4.5 in the Bad in Baltimore series

When Eli found himself jobless and homeless a few months ago, his boyfriend Quinn invited Eli to move in. Quinn said he loved Eli and wanted him there, but when problems from Eli’s homeless days show up in the form of extra house guests, Eli starts to worry. Maybe Quinn was only motivated by pity. Because pity comes with an expiration date Eli is hoping their relationship doesn’t.

As Eli pushes for security, Quinn has to find a way to make it very clear that he is determined to be everything Eli needs.


KA Mitchell writes unlikable characters. People easy to hate. People who annoy the crap out of you. But, surprisingly, people you find yourself so deeply entrenched with, so totally in love with, you’re left not caring about anything else than being able to get more of their stories. I don’t know how she does it. It just is the way it is.

This is Eli.

Eli is a pain in the ass. He’s stubborn and a brat. He refuses to be seen as weak and he’ll do anything to take the power back. He’s everything I hate. I love Eli.

Eli plays small to large roles in the Baltimore series, his main love story being told in Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore #2). He falls for an older man, Quinn, and introduce some daddy kink and a match totally made anywhere else than Heaven. It’s been my favorite of the series to date and Eli & Quinn…well, I’m fiercely protective of them.

Just a little bad is a short story that takes place awhile after their book and highlights where Eli and Quinn are now. They live together, they’re having wild sex, and they’re in love. It was such a treat to get to read more about these two. True, the “daddy” stuff was a little much…(or maybe it’s just cause it’s not really my thing)…but the emotions, uncertainty, the insecurity, and eventually the proclamations and demonstrations of love made me HAPPY!

Honestly though…my favorite part of this short? It’s the letter from KA Mitchell in the beginning to her fans. It’s clear SHE loves Eli too…that Eli has embraced her heart as well. And I love seeing that…

Eli rocks.

Quinn rocks.

But KA Mitchell? She’s the bees knees and I heart her fiercely.

Thank you for this!



23249419Title: Just a Little Bad (Bad in Baltimore #4.5)
Author: KA Mitchell
Publisher: Self-pub
Pages: 50
Release Date: September 17, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon

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