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BLOG TOUR – GUEST POST: “Coconut Cove – Nerdy Little Secret” by MJ O’Shea

 Boys in our Books is excited to welcome back MJ O’Shea to discuss her ongoing series, Coconut Cove!

The Music of Coconut Cove

So as usual… I’m going to blab about music for a little while:) I know, I do that a lot. It’s just such an important part of the writing process for me (and pretty much everything else to be honest), that it almost feels wrong not to talk about it. I had a few things in mind when I was working on the Coconut Cove “soundtrack”. First, I always think of it that way — like a soundtrack. “If this book was going to be made into a film what music would I want in it?” I usually take a few hours and really think about it because that’s how I get my head into the setting and the characters and the general mood.

For this series, I wanted things that were beachy and fun, a mix of pop, dance, and indie, and a few sadder songs that showed the underbelly of the glam both for the Coconut Cove show characters and for our real characters, the actors who are learning about the good and bad sides of fame.

I’ve posted a few other songs from my Coconut Cove playlist on my own blog if you want to check them out HERE, but my list is usually about thirty songs long, so here are a few more!


* * * *

Magic — This was the first song that I put on the Coconut Cove soundtrack. It probably had to do with the fact that this song was new when I was making the playlist and I couldn’t get it out of my head. But it actually works perfectly. It’s pretty, but a little bit sad, just like I’d imagine the lives of the kids in Coconut Cove to be (and sometimes the actors who play them).

Shiver Shiver — Pure happy beach music:) Simple! Plus, this guy’s dance routine makes my day every time…

Dreaming — There has to be some vintage cool, and Blondie fits the bill. This song goes perfectly with the land of deco pastels, raybans, palm trees, and convertibles. This is what the beautiful people of Coconut Cove high school listen to in the outdoor cafeteria.

Armada Latina — Coconut Cove cruising music:) Top down, sunglasses on. Not a care in the world.

That’s it for music before I end up posting my entire list. It’s been known to happen. Just ask Poppy. I’m always around on my website, facebook, or twitter if you have any questions!

Thanks for having me stop by today! <3




Here’s where to find me, and the first two Coconut Cove books:


The Books:

Coconut Cove #1 : http://www.wildecity.com/books/gay-romance/coconut-cove-lifes-a-beach/#.VA6f9ZgkWC0

Coconut Cove #2 : http://www.wildecity.com/books/gay-romance/coconut-cove-episode-2-lord-of-the-bling/#.VA6gEJgkWC0



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Here’s the Coconut Cove facebook page where we’ll be posting updates and giveaways:




And if you haven’t taken our character quiz, come see which Coconut Cove character you are!





One comment on “BLOG TOUR – GUEST POST: “Coconut Cove – Nerdy Little Secret” by MJ O’Shea

  1. Sheri
    September 29, 2014

    I LOVE this post!
    And I can’t wait for more fun in Coconut Cove!!


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