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REVIEW: “Beneath the Stain Pt 3” by Amy Lane



Mackey Sanders doesn’t do anything easy—rehab is no exception. Never one to follow orders for the sake of being orderly, Mackey needs a reason, something real, to make him agree to Trav’s terms of getting clean. Trav knows he can’t be Mackey’s only reason to rehabilitate, but before he can convince Mackey of that, he needs to get to the heart of what’s been eating Mackey alive from the moment the band left Tyson.

Can Mackey’s family—can Mackey’s band—survive the fallout of Mackey telling the truth? More importantly, can Mackey?


The last episode cut us off…right where it hurts the most. I could NOT believe the moment of suspense we were left in. Things pick up from the last word and the breath that was caught in my throat remained stuck in place. The first few chapters had me gasping. Oh Mackey! It’s awful. It’s ugly. It’s an up close and personal view at abuse. Mackey didn’t want this. Mackey was trying to do right. He wanted to do right for Trav. But a mickey in his drink, a successful assailant, and a knock on death’s door was not on Mackey’s radar.


It doesn’t get any easier. No no no. Rehab. Trav wants him to go back to rehab….and he doesn’t want to go. No no no. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Amy Winehouse. Her story is so sad. My heart hurts thinking about it. Trav saved Mackey from following her fate. Trav didn’t know he had a white knight inside him, but when Mackey came shooting into his life like the blazing star he is, Trav found his horse and his gear. He surprised himself with his need to protect. Or more precisely, a need to rescue Mackey Sanders. And he’ll be damned if he fails.

During this quiet recovering time we get to know the boys a bit more. Layers are peeled away.

Travis, Jefferson and Blake. They each step forward into the spotlight.

Travis went into the Army and became a MP solely for the excuse to be an asshole and not be sorry about it. He’s not romantic, he’s not considerate, and he’s not…nice. Something about Mackey makes him want to be nice though. Mackey does something to him.

He’s too old for Mackey.

He’s his manager.

He’s still licking the wounds from his broken heart.

If only these things actually mattered. Truth is, nothing else matters when it comes to Mackey. But Mackey is broken and he can’t fix him. Just because he can’t fix him, doesn’t mean he can’t love him. And love him he does.

Jefferson sheds some much needed light on his unique…relationships. His secrets. The confusing ‘brain share’ that he has with Stevie. The pivotal women in his threesome, Shelia, and how she balances and completes them. Fascinating. I’m not a big fan of menage, but they are intriguing…this has nothing to do with sex.

And Blake. Blake was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the wrong guy trying to fill shoes that he can’t fill.

Blake joins Mackey at rehab.

Rehab is raw and real and cuts deep.

You only need to make it stick once McKay. You’ve got hundreds of fans that believe in you and I’m cheering from the front row.

Oh wait! I forgot to tell you…I was wrong about the Bonus Scenes. They are like pages in a diary. They are fantastic prezzie’s and you would certainly miss things without them!



Bts coverTitle: Beneath the Stain Pt 3
Author: Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 125
Release Date:  September 12, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner

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