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REVIEW: Another Place in Time by Various Authors



Welcome to another place in time…where one can be swept away into lands and eras long forgotten.

This collection of short stories was birthed because a sworn “I don’t like historicals” reader fell in love with what have become some of her favorite books by most of her favorite writers. Surprisingly, they were all historicals. Determined to make others feel the love, these authors were asked to contribute small tastes of how amazing historical storytelling can be.

Included in this anthology:

“Office Romance” by Tamara Allen
“Introducing Mr. Winterbourne” by Joanna Chambers
“The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh” by KJ Charles
“Unfair in Love and War” by Kaje Harper
“Carousel” by Jordan L. Hawk
“Deliverance” by Aleksandr Voinov

Along with a foreword written by Alex Beecroft, enjoy these original short stories that make up “Another Place in Time”.

All proceeds from the purchase of this anthology will be donated to AllOut.org in celebration of LGBT History Month, October 2014.


Historical Romance is where I started. It was the genre that introduced me to Romance Novels and it’s the place that I call home. I adored the history and worlds I could be taken back to with words on the page and once I discovered it with m/m romance I felt and feel elated. This anthology, it’s an amazing piece of work from talented authors, four of whom I have not read before, but six who are now on my list of favorites. Each story was unique. Each story made me swoon and fall in love with two men as they find their way to one another.  I won’t go into a lot of detail,  these are all short stories, but I will tell you what I loved about each one.

Note: The only story I did not read, was Carousel by Jordan L. Hawk. Not that I didn’t want to, but I have yet to start the Whyborne and Griffin series and when I read the first two pages my OCD went into overdrive wanting to know all the things and how these two got to this point. So, I wrangled my girlfriend Lisa, who has read the series, to read and review it for me. What I can say, that in those two pages I did read, they pushed that series up on my TBR list!


Office Romance – Tamara Allen

This was an amazing enemies to lovers story. Just so good and so gooey and swoony and I fell hard for each of these boys as well as the author.

We meet Foster Wetherly at work as he takes notice of those around him; from his superiors to his coworkers and most notably the man who is Casey Gladwin who appears to spend his time not working but socializing and flirting with the women in the office. Of course, when it’s enemies to lovers you must have a situation to bring these two together and that comes in the form of a completion for their jobs.

I loved the idea of Foster and Casey not only being in competition but having to do so in such close proximity. The small ways they learn about one another lent to the pace of the story and when Foster seeks Casey out to actually help him… well that scene turned me into goo. I wasn’t expecting that from Foster and the way Casey responds? Yeah, the swoon fest began right there and didn’t stop until the last word was read.

This was my first from Tamara Allen and I can tell you, it will not be my last. I was pulled in so tight with these boys and yet it wasn’t fast and furious. It was even and gentle and just about perfect.


Introducing Mr. Winterbourne – Joanna Chambers

He challenged the offender to a bout of pugilism Hyde Park…

Those eleven words took me back to my first love of romance, the love of historicals and such places that were prevalent in each one I read.

The Winterbourne’s have status but are in need of money. The Freeman’s have money and want the status – sounds like a match made in heaven, or at least a practical business arrangement, right?  So when Simon Freeman gets engaged to Althea Winterbourne and her brother, Lysander, is charged by his father to show Adam Freeman, Simon’s older brother, around town before the wedding so dear old dad will get a bit of money.  What’s a devoted son to do…

I will ramble a bit, which is common place for me with reviews. Now though we start off with Lysander’s POV and I grinned while meeting him, I loved that I turned the page to Chapter 2 and got Adam’s POV. I am sucker for a dual POV in romance and getting Adams reaction to Lysander first, made me grin like a fool. Hell, the whole story made me grin and blush and fan myself as Adam and Lysander danced around their attraction to one another. Le sigh… that word… danced.

I admit to adoring the way the author writes, how each word on the page paints the scene vividly that you are there. I was there on each boring and rude call, I was there watching the fencing match, I was there at dinner, at the ball, on the balcony and goodness. I was there and it was amazing. I would love to know just how and where these two are now but I can let my imagination run wild. This was amazing and I would love more of their story.


The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh – KJ Charles

Yeah, see that title is making me break out in goose bumps thinking about the ruin… I really need to gather my thoughts on this one but I just can’t. Another wonderfully told story with layers I wasn’t expecting. I loved getting to know Ash as he wakes hung-over from a disastrous night where he lost everything. A game of cards against Francis Webster leaves Ash penniless and without a home as he gambled away everything; literally everything he has or had and is trying to figure out his next move. Daddy won’t pay his debts, his brother despises Webster and Ash has no idea what to do… until he gets a note requesting his presence for one last game against the man and winner takes all. But is anyone in this game actually a loser?

Good lord. Let me just say that this was hot. The enemies to lovers with intense UST and the layered back story of Ash and Francis had me so on edge that with Ash’s one question of, “Do you have a shilling?” I melted into my bed until I was one with the linens. Charles can write her ass off and I am beyond amazed by how much I got out of this story. I am sitting here, writing this the morning after and I am flustered remembering what these boys went through… Webster turning into Francis and Ash into Gabriel… GAH! This was so good. Oh and I totally had to google a mathematical cravat knot and fell done the rabbit hole of handsome reference men.


Unfair in Love and War – Kaje Harper

Warren Burch has returned to his home town to stay with his mother after a long absence. On his arrival he sees vandalism of the neighbors house and gets a glimpse of the young blond man as he opens his door briefly to see who his aassailants may be.

Stefan Koehler, goodness. Even through slightly broken English (and that accent!) the man is stunning and when you add Warren with his dirty talk, you forget about any disability or vulnerability either of the men could possibly have.

This story threw me for a loop. I thought I knew what was going on and when the story turned I lost it. I was right there with Warren as he digested the information; the fury, the deception and then the empathy that followed. I loved every word of this story and I loved everyone in it.

I have to add that I respected the women in this as well. I loved Warren’s sister, Laura. The small bit of interrogation in the kitchen over breakfast and her statement that Warren didn’t look like a gay man, I fell in love with her and her acceptance of her brother. And then we have Warren’s mother; this story is one that shows compassion and acceptance is nothing new when it comes to loved ones. Warren’s mother and sister are prime examples of this and it was endearing and uplifting to have both of these women prominent in the story.


Carousel by Jordan L. Hawk

***Guest Review by Lisa***

Being a fan of the Whyborne and Griffin series I was thrilled when I found out this story was included in the anthology.

Carousel is another great addition to the story of Whyborne and Griffin with the added treat of being told in Griffin’s POV.  With his POV the reader gets to experience the full depth of Griffin’s love for Ival (I love when he calls Whyborne that) and it is such a joy to witness.

Although this is short story, we still get to experience Whyborne and Griffin do what they do best – solve an eerie mystery with a taste of the supernatural while juggling the secrecy which is their love for each other.


Deliverance by Aleksandr Voinov

Honestly, there are no words I can use that would do justice to this story. I am in awe and in love with William Raven of Kent. Goodness. This story was gorgeous as we are dropped down in chaos up until the reveal of Guy…

Guy. His shame, his sin, his guilt. The memory of him made him hard, made him ache for the other man. If he’d hoped to escape his sinful attraction, this now completed his shame.

I was not expecting this at all and I should be smacked because it’s Voinov after all but these few pages had me at the mercy of William and the want of both he and Guy.  The small back story of William has me foaming at the mouth to read The Lion of Kent and learn all about his relationship with Robert. But this, THIS, was amazing to read of a man who gives up all to do what he thinks is right but losing all that he wants in the process.

The fate that brings these two men together again was amazing. I could sit her and babble my fingers off about how much I loved this but it wouldn’t makes sense because my heart and head are so wrapped up in that last line that I simply cannot think straight.


As I said, I am a fan of historical romance, have been a fan for well over 25 years and this anthology did take me back to Another Place in Time. I implore you to read this; read the foreword  by Alex Beecroft and let those words soak in as I did, then read these stories and fall in love and each pair shows us that love, between two men, is not something that is new or something to be denied. It just is. Love is love.





ATIPfinalTitle: Another Place in Time 
Authors: Tamara Allen, Joanna Chambers, KJ Charles, Kaje Harper, Jordan L. Hawk, Aleksandr Voinov
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 232
Release Date: October 1, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon, Smashwords

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