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REVIEW: “Nerdy Little Secret” by MJ O’Shea



Welcome to Coconut Cove where you’ll always find oiled beach bodies, palm trees, tropical drinks, and plenty of drama!

Coconut Cove is the hottest new sensation to sweep the nation — a gay teen drama filled to the brim with hot stars and even hotter action. It’s catching the public’s attention and winning their hearts. But all the drama, heartache, and life lessons aren’t just for the characters on the screen. The fledgling actors behind the scenes have more than their fair share of love and catastrophes. They may only play teens on TV but when it comes to romance, these twenty-somethings still have lessons to learn.

From the scheming ex determined to cash in on a rising star, to the hunky high school crush resurrected from ancient history—from the nice guy with a naughty past, to the snarky diva with attitude—there’s plenty of scandalous hidden affairs and seriously sexy demons hiding in just about everyone’s closet on Coconut Cove.
You just have to be ready to drink it in. Bottoms up … or should we say off?


Here we go, back to Coconut Cove for more sweet sexy fun!

This time around we have Blair, a Key West native starring the show. He’s new to the acting scene and still searching for his confidence behind the cameras. It’s not as easy as he thought it would be, slipping into character, especially since Ryder is nearly his polar opposite. He is accustomed to the oppressive heat, but the oppressive personalities on set are an entirely different fire to battle. Long hard hours…he never imagined acting was so extensive and so exhausting. Ever so practical, he’s afraid that his luck will run out and he’s hoarding every penny possible. This up and coming television star still lives with his mother and rides his bicycle to the set every day. He is a good son and takes care of his mom. How sweet is that? Yup, everything about him is sweet, sweet, sweet.

And now we have the sexy…Sander. Blair’s high school crush comes home (his neighbor) and the flame he held for him years ago burns bright as ever. The boy he fawned over from afar has grown into the man of his dreams. The years have been extremely kind and his fantasies have soared to a whole new level. Even more exciting is lingering looks are shared and the magnetic pull seems to be mutual. Can his coveted jock actually want him back? Sander stole my heart and his good looks had nothing to do with it.

I thought the boys were lovely. The writing was clean and smooth. It was awesome visiting Coconut Cove again.Yet the story was possibly a bit too soft. Everything was easy. Not a lick of angst; a couple of licks of smexy, but no tension, no kinks, and no twists. I think it needed just a smidge of trouble. I would have loved a cameo of Flynn and Seth. And again, I would prefer some distinction between the scenes in the TV show and their real *cough fictional* lives. The talk show interviews were great but everything flowed together without any breaks. I would have welcomed any sort of contrast.

This is a charming read if you are looking for a cute pair of boys in a fun place with fabulous people and no conflict.

It’s short and light.

Shallow in plot yet deep in harmony.

‘What if’s’ become ‘what now’s’ and it’s a sweet smooth ride getting there.

I think I know who is stepping into the spotlight next and I’m hoping for an extra large serving of drama.



NLS coverTitle: Nerdy Little Secret (Coconut Cove #2)
Author: MJ O’Shea
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Pages: 76
Release Date: September 24, 2014
Purchase Links: WCP, Amazon

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