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REVIEW: “Going Home” by Max Vos



WARNING: Contains materials for ADULTS only.If you have any reason to think that you cannot or will not tolerate any type of mature subject matter, please do not continue. If you have any issues with any type of taboo, or what you may consider taboo material, please do not read. If you have a closed mind about any sexual activities whatsoever, please put this book down or delete it now. If you truly believe that love is love, then by all means, continue.

Journalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives. It was not an assignment he relished: he just wanted to get there, get it done and get out. Thinking about the subject matter made his stomach churn.

The interview reveals as much about himself as about the two men, and for the first time, Carter learns what a real home feels like. He never would have expected that meeting the two men would change his way of thinking – and his life – forever.


I did not buy this book because of the recent drama attached to it. I actually bought it (three days to be exact) before it all happened, the removal/banning from Amazon and later Are that is.  I was not aware of the taboo subject matter as it was not present in the blurb but having learned it, I was still on the side of want to read this book. That being said…

Yes, this story has consensual incest in it between a father and a son… and yet that is not the whole story. I am not going to get on a soap box and tell you why I read it, why it should be available for anyone wanting to read it to have that choice. I am just going to tell you what my feelings are. Not to justify the story, but for understanding. That is what is at the heart of this story; acceptance and empathy.

I remember having a professor lecture on being objective to any article and not letting personal beliefs get in the way of telling the true story, but I bet he’d never had to deal with this subject matter.

The author’s writing style had me hooked as we meet Carter Roberts, preparing for an interview he would rather not have assigned to him. He finds the subject matter disgusting until he meets Matt Evans, the son. The moment he steps on that ranch and talks to Matt and later Carl Foltz, Carter starts to see where his prejudice lies and where he was wrong. Sure, it’s not a normal relationship and one I can’t exactly wrap my head around but it was told in such a way that I felt the love. I felt the shame and confusion as the story was told by Carl in the first interview with Carter. It was heart breaking to read and what follows was, endearing.

There were so many emotions runnin’ through my mind. I was having a real hard time tryin’ to focus on any one thing.

Though the story is focused on Matt and Carl, the back story of Carter moved me. It was sad to see this young man in his early 20’s without the sense of home. Without the sense of someone loving you for who you are without prejudice… again, the story comes back to acceptance and understanding. For me, it was the back bone of the story.

For the first time in my life I know what having a family and a home is supposed to feel like.

Matt and Carl live a quiet life and the quiet life leant to the story. For me, it was borderlines melancholy and then would ramp up to hot. It was an odd mix but if felt right and didn’t need any fancy plots or ploys to keep me reading. The story was one of love, one of commitment and one of consent. There was no abuse or some awful thing that lead these men to be with one another, they just are.

By you knowing us so well, now you’ll be able to tell everyone how much we love each other, and it is just love. It doesn’t matter who loves you as long as it is honest and true love.

The sex, I admit that it was hot and downright filthy at times. The first time we see the couple in action, it was sexy and while it was, the author doesn’t let you get lost in it, he pulls you back to reality with Matt calling Carl “Daddy”. This is what I found engaging. I have always said, tough subject matter can be read if done well. If not treated as a way to shock the reader and simply tell a story. For me, that is what Max Vos has done. This story isn’t being told to get attention for the taboo subject matter, it is just a story that needed to be told.

I suddenly realized that I no longer felt turned off by this story.

Going Home was an interesting read. One that made me question my own prejudices and reflect on a few things. It won’t be for everyone but for me I am glad I read it. It has the taboo content but it really isn’t the whole story and it doesn’t take long to realize that. I give the author credit for giving such a topic respect and understanding.

 You don’t know who you will fall in love with. People shouldn’t hate love, and that is sometimes all they do.

The end? That epilogue? It brought me to tears and yet was the only way to end the book. I like how the author brought us around full circle with it.

The only thing that nags at me; why Carter was picked for the interview? If the men lived so secluded off on their own, how people know about them.  Were they approached for an interview or did they decide as a couple living this life to tell their story. I think knowing that would add another element and layer to an already well told story.

I am giving this a 3.5 stars as I would recommend it. Not for someone to tear the book or author down for the content but for someone to take a chance and push their boundaries.




going-home-for-AmazonTitle: Going Home
Author: Max Vos
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 243
Release Date:  October 16, 2014
Purchase Links: Author Website

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4 comments on “REVIEW: “Going Home” by Max Vos

  1. Debra E
    October 29, 2014

    Great review Sara. I think Max did handle the issue well and the thing that wound up bothering me most was not knowing why there was the insta-love on the side of Matt and Carl toward Sam.


    • Sara
      October 29, 2014

      Yeah. I can see Carter falling for Matt & Carl fast, but I was a bit lost on why two men in such a special and taboo relationship welcomed Carter into their life instsntly. In the back of my mind I always wondered if Carl wanted to make sure Matt would have someone.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Debra E
        October 29, 2014

        I didn’t even think of that, but yeah it would make complete sense.


  2. kveta
    October 30, 2014

    Thanks for the great review! Love the book. It’s on my “re-read list”. And Max Vox’s books are all “must try” for me. I’m scared my Kindle dies and book is gone, grrr


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