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REVIEW: “Hunted Guardian” by M.D. Grimm



In eighteenth-century Egypt, falcon shifter Con’s parents died attempting to keep powerful, ancient scrolls out of the hands of a monster. Now it falls to Con to keep the scrolls hidden and lead the hunter away so their sacrifice isn’t for nothing. But he isn’t quite fast enough, and he finds himself helpless in an unfamiliar English countryside village. That is, until a beautiful man with a limp carries Con to his manor to tend to his wounds.

As an alpha wolf, Quincy’s compassion is not valued by his pack, which leads him to nurse the falcon in secret. A bond quickly forms between Quincy and the mysterious raptor, so he’s concerned at Con’s reaction to the arrival of another visitor, the Countess Blackburn.


I have been following this series since the first book in 2011. It’s a nice one – yes, it has the whole insta-love thing that is VERY common in shifter books, but somehow I can get past it (even if I always moan and bitch about it). So when this one was listed, I immediately requested it.

I was a bit surprised that the story did not immediately follow the timeline after book #6. Instead the story began with these words “England countryside, 1784. I thought, “Huh, flashbacks?” Until I discovered the author’s blog and she wrote her explanation about this series. So apparently, this book is the beginning of the SECOND part of the series, which will focus on the journey of the scrolls, a magical element introduced at the end of book #6. In that sense, this story can also be read as a stand-alone because none of the characters from the previous six books make an appearance.

Anyway, I loved the beginning … when Quincy, who was born with a lame leg, who became the guardian for his wolf pack, found the injured falcon and nurtured him back to health. At this point, Con was in his falcon form, and I really loved their interaction. I could imagine the scenes clearly … and I have a soft heart for stories with animals. It was quite tender …

Of course after Con shifted back to his human form to warn Quincy about the danger from Countess Blackburn, it went slightly to the insta-attraction/insta-love territory. They didn’t immediately act on it (in terms of anything sexual) but I did think it got a bit too sappy there. At least there was still good action when the Pack was fighting the witch.

The ending had a connection with the establishment of the city called Haven (which had been prominent in part 1 of this series). One thing I definitely loved about this one was that Quincy’s pack Alpha was a woman!! Also the master-shifter werewolf. Yay for strong women too !! It will be interesting to see what other shifters that Ms. Grimm will bring into part 2. I still miss Poe though ^^



HuntedGuardianTitle: Hunted Guardian (The Shifters, #7)
Author: M.D. Grimm
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 198
Release Date: October 29, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner Press, ARe, Amazon

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