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REVIEW: “Touch Me: An Erotic Romance” by Chris Scully



Massage therapist Erik Morgan offers a very special after-hours service to a handful of select clients. From a young man anxious to explore his sexuality, to a stroke patient who fears he’ll never be a man again, Erik touches them all. But no one touches him. Not anymore.

Faced with a personal tragedy, Erik loses himself in helping others. Until one brave client turns the tables and gets under his skin, and Erik finds himself touched in unexpected ways.

Warning! This gay erotic romance novella is intended for an adult audience. It contains explicit scenes of erotic massage and m/m sex.


I will be honest here, when I saw the words “erotic romance”, I hesitated. What can I say, I am a reader who prefers an emphasis on the romance – but not particularly the “erotic” ones. In fact, I can appreciate fade-to-black sex scenes because my definition of romance often happens outside of the bedroom. Anyway, yes, I hesitated. But this little story is by Chris Scully! I have read all of her published ones and I loved them all. So I decided to give this a go.

And OMG … this was more than just erotic, people!! This story was touching and tender at the same time that it was sensual. There was actually character progression and a tender romance going on among the erotic massage scenes. There was a depth to the love story, and at one point, it even brought TEARS to my eyes.

Erik is a 49-year-old massage therapist who gives special after-hours sessions (for free) for selected clients. The session is meant to give pleasure to the clients. Erik doesn’t have penetration sex with them, but he does penetrate them by fingers or toys if necessary. It is meant to help these clients but at the same time it also becomes a personal connection between Erik and his partner, who suffered from ALS. Erik will tell his paralyzed partner about his sessions and through the power of fantasy, it becomes their way of sexual relationship.

Of course you need to have an open mind about this. I personally did not see this as cheating. Erik’s partner, George, consensually agreed to these sessions. And there was no doubt in my heart that Erik loved George so very much – even when Erik started to feel alive again during a session with one of his young clients, Jeremy. It was Erik’s pleasure to give out to his clients first – and a way to connect with George – even if there were kisses along with sexual touches exchanged between Erik and his clients.

The erotic massages scenes were wonderfully written. I didn’t skim any pages!! It made my skin all tingly. There was another session that Erik conducted for a stroke patient, and it involved his wife too (because the session was arranged by the wife, since the husband was having difficulties in the bedroom and he felt depressed), and it was loving and healing, and I felt so happy for the couple.

This story reminded me of a story involving sex a surrogate, written by Eli Easton (The Mating of Michael). That when it comes to these sessions, it is all about the power of healing and giving pleasure without being personally or emotionally attached to the people involved.



Although in Erik’s case, he did end up being emotionally attached to Jeremy, but still, I felt that it grew naturally. There was a connection there, that just touched their souls, and in a sense it also healed Erik’s heart. It was beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, read. And despite the quite big age-gap between Erik and Jeremy, I believe they get their HEA.

Bottom line … try this one! It has FEELZ!


touchmeBOOK INFO:

Title: Touch Me: An Erotic Romance
Author: Chris Scully
Publisher: Self-Published
Length: 21,000 words
Release Date: September 23, 2014
Purchase Links: ARe, Amazon

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One comment on “REVIEW: “Touch Me: An Erotic Romance” by Chris Scully

  1. Carolyn
    October 30, 2014

    Ami, I’m with you on the Chris Scully love (c’mon, people, read more Chris Scully!), so yeah, I would have picked it up on the author’s name alone. I loved The Mating of Michael, a top read for me this year and actually one I was thinking about just last night even though I read it a while ago, or certainly many books ago. I love authors handling sexual dysfunction, not just because it’s a real topic that should be addressed in our little fantasy world of sex being easy, natural, & completely fulfilling all the time, but because of what it offers in exploring characters and the dynamics between people. Great reading, that. Anyway, I had forgotten this had even come out, so I’m so glad you reviewed!


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