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REVIEW: Dark Soul Vol. 5 by Aleksandr Voinov



“The saga comes to an end . . .”

In “Dark Hunter I,” Stefano Marino must face his most dangerous enemy yet: US Attorney Sebastiano Beccaria, who’s seeking the total annihilation of the Marino clan in the hopes of purging his own dark past.

In “Dark Frost,” a traitor in the organization makes his move, hiring Silvio to kill Stefano. Meanwhile, Silvio struggles to find his place in the Marino home as Donata learns the truth about Stefano’s affair.

The game is up in “Dark Hunter II.” Sebastiano Beccaria confronts Stefano with evidence that will undermine his power and put his life at risk. Stefano faces a bitter choice: fight and risk it all, or flee and protect himself and those he loves. Also, there’s a puppy.

In “Dark Lie,” Stefano makes the only choice he can. With the mutiny brewing and his marriage hanging in the balance, he agrees to leave the life of organized crime. Beccaria has won, but the victory comes at high price-for everyone involved.

In “Dark Heart,” Stefano and Donata have gone to ground in Paris. When a ghost from the past tracks him down, he knows he won’t survive the day if he can’t find a way to make peace with all he left behind.


I waited to read this, the last book in the series. I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t know how it would end but I knew I didn’t want to say goodbye, but of course, as always it was worth it.

To be honest, I skipped a bit in the beginning. I wanted, no I needed to get to the good stuff that is Stefano and Silvio together and great googly moogly, and it was the good stuff. Those two can turn me on and turn me into goo in a matter of seconds and I love that. Stefano being so open and honest with his feelings and what he wants from Silvio and the whole exchange of “Same thing.” Tear my heart out with that why don’t ya, Voinov?  Good Lord. That just about did my romantic heart in and I started to sing a favorite Go Go’s song (Lust to Love) right along with it.  Odd? Not really. Read the lyrics and you’ll see.

His brain has stopped stumbling over the idea. Secluded away from the rest of the world, he really didn’t care if anybody thought of him as a faggot. Not if Silvio came along with the faggot deal.

So that part I skipped, I had to go back and read it because I was getting a bit lost but going back and reading it meant I could read S&S again and yeah, that was such a hard ship for me. Kidding.

Stefano? He is in a bad situation. Not only does he have the US District attorney on his ass for being a mob moss but he has picture proof of his relationship with Silvio. I really want a copy of those pictures by the way. I would say for research but I would be lying, I just want them because they are hot. You know?

The Marino clan. Absolutely everything he’d lived for, killed for, devoted himself to and would get killed for unless he found a way out.

Now Stefan has the law on his back and the chance at leaving the crime side of life forever with Beccaria’s offer. Silvio has an uprising again Stefano to deal with as he is protecting him – Silvio is also being asked to do the unthinkable. I thought for one second that he would do it, actually I thought he would do it twice in this story but at different times.

This volume… felt different. The men, while still in their bad ass mob roles have this vulnerability to them that makes me love them more than I thought possible. The puppy? I mean, come on? There was just something fundamentally right about a good-looking guy with a stupidly cute puppy. I agree with Stefano on whole heartedly on that but was I expected to live through that scene? No. It’s impossible. And while I could care less for Donata through volumes 1-4, I wanted to be that woman so bad I could taste it in this. Lucky witch she is though I agree with her “Oh Wow” realization because that was all, unf!

So choices have to be made by both men, lives are no longer the same and while I liked the end, I could have had it go the other way and been equally as satisfied. I may have even written a few lines that make it so but that is just my twisted imagination running wild. Judge me if you will, but regardless, this series was amazing with the twists, turns, emotions, angst and gorgeous story telling.





Sue: 5 stars

Jenni: 4 stars

Shelley: 4 stars

Susan: 4 stars



Dark Soul 5Title: Dark Soul Vol. 5 (Dark Soul #5)
Author: Aleskandr Voinov
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Pages: 98
Release Date: March 19, 2012
Purchase Links: Riptide, ARe, Amazon, B&N

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2 comments on “REVIEW: Dark Soul Vol. 5 by Aleksandr Voinov

  1. llesarlorraine
    November 5, 2014

    Can’t wait to read it but only 4*?


    • Sara
      November 5, 2014

      I four star rating is still great. On our scale, it says that I loved it. This series as a whole is fantastic and some volumes I liked better than others.


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