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REVIEW: Air and Earth by Rowan McAllister



When absent-minded video game developer Jay Thurson impulsively follows his intuition westward, he never expects his rideshare to turn out to be a gun-toting madman. In an act of desperation, Jay turns to the gift he’s long neglected and feared for help and leaps from the moving car on a dark and deserted back country road.

Running for his life leads him to the doorstep of Adam Grauwacke, a roadside nursery owner and sometime vegetable farmer, whose affinity for the earth goes far beyond having a green thumb. Adam’s world is ordered and predictable, dependable and safe, but despite having his dream farm and business, he’s always felt something’s missing. When he welcomes Jay into his home, life seems to click for both men, and together they explore their gifts and their attraction.

But harmony has no value if it is easily won, and a crazed gunman and volatile ex might be their end if Jay and Adam can’t learn to trust the strength of their bond.


Traditionally I don’t read fantasy. I am a self-proclaimed lazy reader and I don’t like to get into world building to get into a story. Thankfully, though I picked this up not realizing it had a fantasy/supernatural element, there was no world building to dig through to get to the story.

We meet Jay first, riding in a car in the middle of the night and as he wakes, things are off. His ride share partner turns into a freak of epic proportions and pulls a gun on Jay. It’s at this time, that Jay decides to rely on his gift and get him out of this mess he created. You see, Jay has a gift where he can manipulate air, and while that seems odd, it really wasn’t. Jay’s gift flowed naturally onto the page and it was written very well. I could feel his meditative state as he pulled each molecule, each particle and created the mass of wind that let him escape the crazy that we know as, Bob.

Breathe in. Exhale. Nudge the little molecules. Wake them up. Agitate them. Breathe in. Exhale.

After he escapes, Jay’s trek through the trees in the dark to find the light that would lead him to Adam was touch and go but I felt the attraction Jay had for the dark haired, barrel chested man as he calmed his dogs on the porch and became Jay’s Knight in Shining Armor.

Adam, the man was simply amazing from the moment we meet him and I was thankful we get his POV as well. I loved Adam,  just loved him and when he invites the now displaced and alone Jay to convalesce in his home, I was more than ready to see where this would go and how they would find out they both liked one another and could take that next step.

This was a mad case of insta-love but insta love done well with the fantasy element added in. I mean, Adam and Jay both acknowledge the fact that things are moving fast and that they hardly knew one another but… they can’t stop what is happening or what they feel. I liked that dose of reality tossed in the story.

They were talking like he’d been there for weeks instead of days… things were moving really fast, and he had a feeling, once the rosy haze wore off and he could think clearly again, reality was going to come crashing back in on him… and Adam.

The boys, each have their own gifts; Jay with his blond hair and light coloring can manipulate the air and Adam with his dark hair and coloring can become one with the earth. I like the gifts were more a natural gift than one that was hard to buy into. Maybe it’s because I am a modern hippie who leans toward the side of crunchy granola, but I liked the talks of Pagan festivals, rituals, astrological signs and the feeling that the wonders of Mother Nature herself were also part of the romance.

Destruction, decay, and change are as much a part of life as any other. Mother Nature breaks down the old to provide nourishment for the new.  I may hate change more than anyone, but she showed me change is what life’s about.

So, the boys have gifts – they have this attraction and once they know they both fancy boys, one dark and stormy night turns into one hot session on the living room rug. The intimacy with Adam and Jay was intense, it wasn’t only physical but it was spiritual with their gifts and how they could connect. Though both men are timid and a bit afraid of what they can do when they are that close to one another, I love them moments they let go. Those moments were sexy, pretty hot and did I mention sexy? I mean, Adam being all pushy and growly is nothing short of hot and when he turns all mushy for Jay. I was mush right along with him.

Jay was special. Adam didn’t know exactly how, but he’d felt it from the first moment he’d touched him. Jay felt right. Whether it was divine intervention, fate, karma, or random chance that brought Jay to his door, it didn’t really matter. 

The story is paced well. We get bits of Adam’s business partners, Jay’s parents and the ever present Aiden who is Adam’s ex. I didn’t like Aiden in the beginning until I began to wonder if he did feel the connection Adam talked about and once we get to the end, I knew my hunch was right. I can’t wait for Aiden’s story, I bet the green eyed ginger will be a scorcher. *grins*

No one can ever say Aiden Flanagan doesn’t leave an impression pretty much everywhere he goes…

Air and Earth was a refreshing take on romance with the elements of nature manipulation that I fell for. I fell for Jay and his wandering ways though he rarely left his apartment and his desire to go west. I fell for Adam and his love of his garden and his devotion to Gaia. I even fell for Aiden there at the end and cannot wait to read his story. When is that coming out by the way? *drums fingers* I need his story.

So, I read fantasy and I liked it. I have to say that means something. No, that means a lot.



A&ETitle: Air and Earth
Author: Rowan McAllister
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 214
Release Date: November 3, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, ARe, Amazon, B&N

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