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REVIEW: “The Royal Street Heist” by Scotty Cade



When valuable Civil War era art is stolen from a popular New Orleans gallery, NOPD Lead Detective Montgomery “Beau” Bissonet and his partner set out to solve the crime. When the gallery’s insurance company sends Tollison Cruz to the Big Easy to conduct their own independent investigation, personalities clash and battle lines are definitely drawn.

The heist quickly becomes a politically driven high profile case, and Detective Bissonet is furious when he’s ordered to work along side Investigator Cruz to assure a timely arrest. The heat index soars to new levels when the two investigators discover they have a lot more in common then originally thought.

With the tension between them temporarily sated, Bissonet and Cruz finally start to work together, on more then just a professional level. But everything comes to a screeching halt when Beau discovers his cohort in crime has been withholding information regarding the investigation and has been concealing a very questionable past. What happens next rivals the scorching summer heat.


I like sweet.

I like spicy.

But I looove sweet-n-spicy. Give me a couple of magnetic alpha men with a carefully considered plot and I’m done for.

This was my first introduction with Scotty Cade and hot damn, what a way to start.

I certainly enjoy a good murder mystery. I’m a fan of Lanyon’s and I’d have to say this tale rivals some of my favorite books on his shelf.

Things kick off with a healthy dose of Mr. Villerie and his art gallery in New Orleans. I felt as if I was back in the French Quarters and if you’ve ever wandered the cobblestone streets in the Big Easy, you know it’s a place you don’t forget. I wasn’t overwhelmed with descriptions, it was just enough without going overboard. I did have a brief moment of panic thinking Mr. Villerie was going to cheat on his lovely wife. I’m not really sure why, but I did. I don’t like cheaters. Funny that, neither does Beau. Another minor grumble was keeping everyone straight at first. Both first and surnames were used and I had to slow my roll to ensure I knew who was who. Yet once I had a clear picture of the cast in my head, it flowed faster.

Now then, let’s get to the boys.

Think ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ with two dominant men. NOPD Detective Beau Bissonet is challenged by tall, dark and dangerously sexy insurance recovery agent Tollison Cruz. Bissonet is insufferable but once you figure out his story and after the stick is pulled out of his arse, I think you’ll become smitten with him too. He was angry and bitter until he let go of the past and then he was finally able to move confidently into the present. He finds himself drawn smack into the arms of the cocky insurance investigator he was forced to work with. They tango, boy do they ever, and once they agree to take turns leading it’s the most sensual dance ever. They complement each other splendidly and tag team the case with gusto.

And as for the case? There were several possibilities for the culprit, and though I wasn’t entirely surprised by the outcome it didn’t play out the way I envisioned. Truly the investigation took the backseat, for me it was all about the burning hot affair between Beau and Tollison. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was enemies to lovers, more stubborn resistance of instant attraction. Once the spark ignited it was a fierce burn and I was eagerly cheering their swift pursuit of one another.

Stellar writing, strong men and sticky romance…I’d say, give it a go!



23360260Title: The Royal Street Heist
Author: Scotty Cade
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 206 Pages
Release Date: November 10, 2014 
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, Amazon

2 comments on “REVIEW: “The Royal Street Heist” by Scotty Cade

  1. Carolyn
    November 19, 2014

    I had a couple of real misses with this author, so I have been very leery of spending my money on him again. However, I love the sound of this story, and your positive words have me willing to give him a go again with this one.


    • Sheri
      November 20, 2014

      I’m sorry for your past disappointments, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It certainly kept me on my toes. Happy reading!


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