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REVIEW: “By Blood” by Sasha Kay Riley



Anderson Stables: Book Two

When Vincent Anderson returns from eight months in Florida helping his dad train racehorses, he expects a peaceful homecoming. But the initial happiness over the reunion with his boyfriend Dustin doesn’t last long. Chris, a disgruntled stable hand, causes a riding accident that sends Dustin to the hospital—then Chris disappears.

The fear of Chris’s return hovers over the stable like a dark cloud while Vince and Dustin build their relationship and Vince works with his own horse, Xander, to begin trying for the United States Olympic equestrian team. The competition becomes the last of Vince’s concerns when Chris shows up at the barn brandishing a gun and demanding money. Vince faces his former employee alone, and what happens next changes everything.


The first book (By Chance – released in March 2014) ended in a “to-be-continued” situation when Vince left to Florida for horse training, and left his new boyfriend behind. This book picks up eight months later when Vince finally returned. I enjoyed the previous story because I could see it as a set-up of a long-journey for Vince going through his horse competitions. So I was pretty excited with this one, hoping that it would give me more adventures with Vince and his attempt to be part of the United States Olympic equestrian team.

The story lacked melodrama. The blurb indicated a threat coming from a disgruntled stable hand, but in actuality, the threat didn’t really come until almost the end. It was like watching a calm river … there were no ripples that disturbed the flow.

On one hand, it was nice. I mean, everybody was accepting of Vince and Chris being together. Vince’s ex-girlfriend was a wonderful girl, who happily welcomed Chris to be around Vince’s and her son. Vince’s father also didn’t have any problem with Vince’s sexuality. All of the stable hands had no issues at all with ‘the gays’. I admit that sometimes I am tired with bigotry and homophobic storylines, so this felt like a good change.

On the other hand, it became rather mundane. Vince and Chris were pretty much an established couple here – where we were treated with lots of “I love you’s” between them. The only problem that arose was Chris’s concern about their sex life, since he still had nightmares after his life on the street. Chris was worried that he didn’t satisfy Vince enough in the sex department which then brought up a topic that was close to my heart: asexuality. I hope that the author will further explore this in the next book.

So all in all, I still enjoyed it. I wish there are more action in the competitions, though, just to have the adrenaline spike to make the book more engaging.



ByBloodTitle: By Blood (Anderson Stables #2)
Author: Sasha Kay Riley
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 172
Release Date: November 26th, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner Press, ARe, Amazon

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