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REVIEW: “An Angel in Eyeliner” by Hunter Frost



A story from Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology

All Mitch wants for Christmas is a quiet holiday free from grief. Patching up the face of the target of a mugging in the back alley of his bar seems to throw that wish right out into the cold Chicago night. But the tatted, pierced, and skinny-jean wearing Keller Graham is fearless and proves to be more than a pair of icy blue eyes lined in black. Keller may be a thief, but Mitch never expected him to steal his lonely heart.


I loved this! While the story pretty much happened within the span of one day, I genuinely thought it was engaging. There was no case of insta-love, mind you, instead it was what I would call “a beginning of a beautiful relationship” between a bar owner who was also a former combat medic with a tatted-pierced-skinny younger man.

There was enough of a back-story provided by Hunter Frost about both characters – so that you understood where both Mitch and Keller were coming from. Mitch suffered a loss of someone he loved while Keller was the (common in stories) case of a practically homeless young man who was kicked out of his house because of his sexuality. But what I loved here was how Keller didn’t drown in sorrow about his situation. I thought Keller was quite fearless, a spitfire that was totally a good match to rekindle the passion inside of Mitch.

I believed in the two men’s chemistry despite the story ending in pretty much the beginning of their relationship. I could actually see in my mind’s eyes that these two would find their happily ever after somewhere down the road. It is the kind of hopeful holiday-themed story that warms my heart during this time of the year. Just the right kind of holiday read.

By the way, this short story (around 11k) is part of an anthology but can be purchased separately.



23362366Title: An Angel in Eyeliner
Author: Hunter Frost
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Pages: 44
Release Date: December 1st, 2014
Purchase Links: Beaten Track Publishing, Smashwords, Amazon

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