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REVIEW: “Impulsion” by James Buchanan



The on-again, off-again relationship between Bishop and Russ is in it’s off-again stage but the mustang within Bishop desperately needs to be reined in and the only trainer who can do that is his Cowboy, Russ.

Bishop Priest, Spvr. Probation Officer at Camp Everrett Branch, has an on-again, off-again relationship with Deputy Russell Stolzt, retired. It’s in the off-again stage when Bishop’s forced to deal with his former lover and the hints about the custom bridle and bit he’s left behind. Compounding the demands of the job and Russ, is the stress of a missing detainee. Bishop has to stand up and away from his life or step completely into it.

Problem is, the mustang within Bishop desperately needs to be reined in and the only trainer who can do that is his Cowboy, Russ


I don’t usually read romance with D/s or BDSM kink because it’s not the ‘joy’ of my reading. However, when it comes to James Buchanan’s books, I am making exceptions. Buchanan is a BDSM-er in real life, so when he wrote BDSM scenes in his books, it doesn’t feel gimmicky or written just for the sake to twist the readers panties. BDMS in Buchanan’s books feels like it is integral to the characters. It’s just natural.

Anyway, back to the book, this story has an on-again off-again relationship between Bishop Priest, a probation officer at a youth offenders camp and ex-Sherrif Russell Stolzt, who is also a horse trainer at the camp. Despite they were being in the off-again stage, Bishop still returned to Russ when he felt he needed to lose himself from the pressure of his job. Being Russ’s pony was the way that Bishop felt he could regroup.

When I started reading, I felt like I’m being thrown in the middle of their story. It threw me off a little bit as I felt like missing a big chunk of their earlier relationship. I started to get the hang of it, though, as I discovered what make Bishop kept getting commitment-phobia and ran away from Russ. When these two men finally opened about what they actually felt, it was quite sweet and I couldn’t help myself to go “awwww” over it.

I liked that Russ here was a character over fifty years old while Bishop was younger. It added to the issues that they both had – with Russ finally wanted Bishop to stick around for good, because he wasn’t getting any younger.

I thought Bishop’s job as probation officer was interesting – I want to read more characters with this kind of occupation! But because of the length, I didn’t feel like I get enough of it.

Just FYI, the kink here was pony-play – quite an elaborate one, I think. I wouldn’t describe it as hot and sexy nor it was about humiliation, though, in fact it might feel a bit clinical. But like I said in the beginning, with Buchanan’s characters, it felt essential to both Bishop and Russ because it was part of who they are.



1681034Title: Impulsion
Author: James Buchanan
Publisher: MLR Press
Pages: 107
Release Date: November 13th, 2014
Purchase Links: MLR Press, ARe, Amazon

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