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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “The Douglas Fir” by Anyta Sunday


Somehow, someway, Jason Kress will find Noah the most unique and clever gift ever. A gift that will surprise him, and win his heart.

A gift that just might be magic…



I’ve come to totally appreciate Anyta Sunday’s sweet and uncluttered writing style. Her boys are the kind you cheer for: caring and thoughtful and deserving of finding their one true love. Yep, at the start of The Douglas Fir I was practically giddy with the possibilities about where this beautiful little story concept could go.

Twenty-something Jase is a really likable (lovable, even!) MC. He’s an amazing big brother and just the kind of pal we all wish we had. In fact, his kindness is the focus of the story. Jase wants to give his best friend Dave the most thoughtful birthday give ever, and Jase knows Dave loves Christmas, so…why not gift Dave with his very own, magically fast-growing Douglas Fir?!?

I mean, seriously. How cute is that?

Jase goes to much trouble to make the tree “grow” (mulch, water, tell it your truths), all the while nurturing his friendship with Dave. Dave incorporates his friend Noah into many of their get-togethers and so begins a love triangle that’s not really a love triangle.

If you’re scratching your head, well, me too. As a reader, I knew Jase was gay. I also knew Noah was gay. But I didn’t know until the very end was whether Dave would reciprocate either Jase or Noah’s affections. For me, that’s where things started going wrong and the story sort of folded under the weight of itself. I could tell the author wanted me to dislike Noah, but I could also tell I wasn’t meant to hate him. Outside of those things, it also bugged me a little that the story wasn’t really centered around Christmas (even though it was).

I thought the ending of The Douglas Fir came on quick; I would have liked a little more interaction and build between…gah, how do I say…the characters involved in the twisty-outta-left-field-conclusion. Which I liked, by the way. :D Hmm. Was that vague enough for you? ;-)

In short, this was an alright delivery on a truly super plot. I do recommend The Douglas Fir to folks who are fans of this author’s other works.



Ami: 4 stars



Title: The Douglas Fir
Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: Self-pub
Pages: 119
Release Date: Nov. 3, 2013
Purchase Links: ARe, Amazon


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