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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “Wait For Me” by TS Morgan



To fulfill his grandfather’s final request, TJ Barclay travels to Scotland over Christmas to bury his ashes next to his lost love, so they can be together at last. While there, he meets Jamie, the orphaned grandson of the man his grandfather loved sixty years ago, before circumstances tore them apart. Concerned for Jamie, TJ can’t leave Scotland without knowing he’s all right. Neither man expected a love story from the past to ignite a new one in the present.


I’d like to call a Mulligan. Yep, let’s scratch this one and try again. I was really enjoying the writing. I literally stopped mid-paragraph and went to make note of this new-to-me author. I couldn’t wait to add another of Morgan’s book to my TBR.

And then it happened.

Then the plot went haywire. I mean, I felt like it drove straight off the pier and I was sinking fast.

TJ  is granting his grandfather’s final wish- taking his ashes…home. To do so, he has to hop across the pond and it’s nearly Christmas. Which honestly doesn’t matter, I don’t think it was mentioned again.

The letters from the past were touching; I was instantly salivating for a good story. They were probably a bit unlikely, but I went with it. Two soul-mates were kept apart until death. Sounds good, right?

But…but then TJ decides he needs to find his granduncle’s (yes, I said granduncle…plot twist alert) secret lovers grandson.

Did you follow that? Okay, good.

He stalks him (yeah, kinda freaky) and falls in love with him in a matter of a few days…without ever exchanging any words. Ohh, did I mention that he is (or was) straight?

And to add to the incredibly far-fetched plot, Jamie is straight too. And their sex was peculiar.

Right, so we have a double-gay-for-you and it was poorly executed. I didn’t buy it. Not for a second.

Finally, the last neck-breaking turn sunk it. Why did it have to go…there? It was completely implausible and any intent to leave you with a sappy HEA was destroyed.

It was as if the author tried to fit ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. Let me tell you, it did not work.

The potential was there, but it completely missed the mark.

I debated 2 stars but I can’t forget the strong start, therefore I’ll settle on 2.5 stars.

I’m hopeful that my next T.S. tale will fair better.



23640942Title: Wait For Me
Author: TS Morgan
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 21
Release Date: December 1, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner

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