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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “Late Bloomer” by Bru Baker



If not for his family and his Christmas tree farm, David Rochester would be a recluse. And Erik Shriver wouldn’t know a quiet moment if it smacked him in the face. But now David’s farm has brought them together. When Erik’s flurry of bad jokes and frenetic energy sets David off kilter, his family notices and begins conspiring. They push David and a very willing Erik together again and again until David stops denying his attraction. But an almost-hermit and a soon-to-be-former club boy each bring baggage into a relationship. They’ll have to take things slowly to find the middle ground between David’s taciturn silence and Eric’s boundless chatter.


Hmmm…didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It was a pretty strong “ok” in my book, but not much more. And I hate to be so blase about a story, but really…it’s lands firmly in the “meh” category.

The blurb says that David works on a Christmas tree farm. But I *think* his family’s store/farm sells all kinds of plants throughout the year. It just happens to be a Christmas tree farm during the holidays and this is all insignificant. Why I’m spending lines of this review over this one detail is beyond me…but probably speaks volumes about this book. There just wasn’t much going on.

The first big chunk of the book was back and forth descriptions of David interacting with Erik, the guy he went to high school with, the town player, who works on his farm, and someone way too chipper for his reclusive self’s liking. And all of this could’ve been an interesting enough story, except, well, it didn’t GO anywhere. And when it finally did, when they finally went out on a date and got together, I was already bored with the book and borderline annoyed at David’s cruelty under the guise of being solitary.

There were some sweet moments and some moments, as they started to open up and really talk to each other, that felt like a glimmer of possibility, but those were just blips on the screen and ultimately, I pretty much forgot the book as soon as I finished it.

I didn’t hate it. There was nothing offensive. There was nothing that turned me off. But there was nothing that wow’d me either. And very little that captured my attention.

For a holiday read, it’s fast and decent-enough.




Ami – 3.5 stars


23587006Title: Late Bloomer
Author: Bru Baker
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 64
Release Date: December 10, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner

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