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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “A Great Miracle Happened There” by Kim Fielding


This winter, Jude Bloch can’t decide what bothers him more—the crowds of people or the holiday revelry. Even meeting handsome chef Mac Appel fails to cheer him up because Jude knows the most he could hope for is a one-night stand. But one night turns into two and then more. Maybe Mac can bring some warmth into Jude’s holiday season.



Aww, Jude, you old holiday curmudgeon! C ’mere and give us a hug!

Oh look, it’s my second contemporary holiday shortie from Kim Fielding this year, woo-hoo! (I bet anyone who reads my reviews is totally shocked! I <3 Kim Fielding.) Of course I was delighted with this cute—but kinda heavy—story about Jude, Ph.D. student and all-around hater of crowds and holidays, and sweet sous chef Mac.

I loved these two from the start. I mean: they get right down to business, if you catch my drift. *waggles eyebrows* It’s getting to the meat of who they are and what they want from their lives that matters here, and once again, the set up was perfect; I needed Mac to help Jude see the beauty and joy in Jude’s life.

That said, my heart ached for Jude, who didn’t really have significant or meaningful personal relationships outside of one or two close friends, and especially not with his family. Leave it to bright and cheery Mac to find the good and unwittingly pull Jude from his life-funk, just by way of persistently including Jude in everyday things like house painting and yummy meals. Honestly, it was the deep friendship between these two that was so special.

As I mentioned in my Saint Martin’s Day review earlier this week, Fielding does the sad/happy pairing brilliantly, but it was just a skosh too heavy here. I’ll admit there were a couple of spots where I wanted to give Jude a firm pat (read: slap) on the cheek and tell him to snap out of it! before he lost his man. Lucky for me, Mac was a really patient dude. ;-)

A Great Miracle Happened There was comfort food for my soul, and I’m so glad I had the chance to read this Hanukkah-themed treat.



Ami: 4 stars


Title: A Great Miracle Happened There
Author: Kim Fielding
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 62
Release Date: Dec. 1, 2012
Purchase Links: DreamspinnerARe, Amazon



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