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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “A Night Never Forgotten” by SJD Peterson


After a one night whirlwind romance, Braylon returns to Toronto on the first of December every year in the hopes of seeing the man of his dreams again. Instead Braylon meets a strange man who tells him Christmas is a magical time, and one never knows what unexpected gifts he’ll receive. Braylon takes a chance and makes a Christmas wish, but instead of getting what he wants, he contracts an infection leaving him dependent on dialysis and unable to make the journey the following year. But the stranger just might be right; an unexpected gift may be the miracle Braylon needs most of all.



I’m a big, big believer in fate—what’s meant to be will always find a way—so this story about (possibly!) finding your one true love really touched my heart.

Braylon travels frequently for his job, and one magical, snowy December night in Toronto, he shares a night of passion with a man named Ross. The next day, Braylon and Ross go their separate ways without ever exchanging contact information, but the encounter haunts Braylon. Was it coincidence that brought these two together, or something more? Poor Braylon wants to know, has to know, and A Night Never Forgotten is all about him never giving up hope, even as the years come and go and Braylon’s circumstances and life situation change radically (cue your favorite dramatic soundtrack).

I thought the story had great pacing, with its dashes of holiday cheer and a mysterious, jolly, knowledgeable old fella (could it be…?!?) sprinkled throughout. In less than 30 pages, the author succeeded in telling me all I needed to know about Braylon and the desires that drove him to want to find Ross again.

I did think the writing here was stilted and that the dialogue was overly formal in places, but the story was short, so it didn’t have time to make me <> crazy. ;-)

SJD Peterson is a new-to-me author who has several books that have been on my TBR list for a while, so this was the perfect introductory story to get me acquainted with her writing style. I’m glad I had the chance, because what I learned is that I definitely want to read this author again, and soon!




Title: A Night Never Forgotten
Author: SJD Peterson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 29
Release Date: Dec. 1, 2014
Purchase Links: DreamspinnerARe, Amazon



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