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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “Keeping the Cookies” by Briana Lawrence



Ty prepares for the holiday season by kicking out his cheating boyfriend and consoling himself with chocolate and cold Chinese food. Unfortunately, rent and bills force him to grab a pair of red-and-white tights and pretend to be in the holiday spirit as a mall elf. Thankfully, there’s a janitor who’s too handsome for the part of a mop pusher to help distract him.

Nikolas the Janitor sweeps Ty off his feet with his smile and generous spirit. Ty wishes he could fall in love as easily as a romantic comedy, but his-ex still holds a piece of his heart. Ty wants to accept Nikolas as his new secret Santa, but he might be doomed to pine after his ex all Christmas long.


I was immediately intrigued with the story because the cover showed non-white characters!! I am always open to racial diversity in my M/M romance so I decided to pre-order it…

I thought it was really entertaining at first. I feel bad in saying that I was amused with Ty’s situation. But there was something slightly depressingly funny about it. Ty realized that he was having trouble letting go of his cheating ex-boyfriend … even if his best friend kept telling him to ‘snap out of it’. Ty consoled himself with chocolate and Chinese food – and his thoughts kept coming back to that day when he would have sex again with his-ex after breaking up.

“It ain’t like I planned on that happening. Just… two years, Kennyth.
And he said all the right things, and… shit, I’m so fucking stupid.”

Relationships can be messy indeed!

Then Ty’s best friend was able to drag Ty out to get a job at the Mall as Santa’s elf, and again I found it amusing, reading what Ty was experiencing with the kids. Seriously, I felt bad feeling kinda giddy with Ty’s unlucky situation … I might as well be on Santa’s naughty list *lol*. But Ms. Lawrence didn’t really pour angst over Ty’s situation and that was why I was entertained. I thought Ty still showed quite a positive attitude, and not exactly drowning in misery.

The relationship between Ty and Nikolas the Janitor also felt natural – I liked their banter, and I definitely saw the chemistry between the two of them. Ty again amused me when he didn’t know whether to think if his lunches with Nikolas could count as dates *laugh*.

But then Ms. Lawrence offered a twist about Nikolas the Janitor’s real identity and I didn’t really know what to make of it. On one hand, it was bordering on a fantasy/magic element, which was quite unique and it might fit with the holiday season. On the other hand, it was a total flip from the down-to-earth realistic contemporary feel that I read for the first half of the novella. So the twist shook me off balance. I don’t know whether to appreciate it or to get annoyed by it.

All in all, it was a good holiday story – and the twist made it different. However, because it wasn’t something I was joyfully expecting, I had to settle down with my 3.5-stars for now. I really liked it and I thought it was worth to read.



KeepingTheCookiesTitle: Keeping the Cookies

Author: Briana Lawrence
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 54
Release Date: December 10th, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner Press, ARe, Amazon

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