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REVIEW: “The Boyfriend Mandate” by River Jaymes



Stuntman and two-time cancer survivor Memphis Haines excels at beating the odds. When he’s presented with the opportunity to help his ex-boyfriend with a charity event, he jumps at the chance to make up for the devastating way he left Tyler ten years ago. Memphis might have taken the college geek’s virginity, but the former mathelete is now a hell of a head turner. And Dr. Tyler Hall’s cool reserve is a challenge Memphis can’t resist. A self-confessed rule breaker and line crosser, he keeps turning up the heat with one goal in mind: to melt the man’s composure.

Tyler Hall sticks to one simple mandate: no more dating ex-boyfriends. Ever. He certainly isn’t interested in hooking up with Memphis Haines, the ex who jumps off buildings, dodges explosions, and poses for designer underwear ads. Ten years ago, falling for Memphis changed Tyler’s life. The man’s abrupt departure turned his world inside out. But he moved on long ago. Besides, he has a clinic for the homeless to run, patients to take care of, and no time to deal with the trouble his ex brings. Memphis, however, seems determined to rehash the past. And his boxer-dropping grin, hard body, and confident charm are resurrecting ultra-hot memories best not remembered, making Tyler’s rule harder and harder to keep…


This book surprised me.

It was way more emotional than I had anticipated it to be. I love second-chances stories, but this one had this underlying sadness through it all. And it tugged at me, man!

Tyler and Memphis dated in college for 2 years until one day, Memphis just up and left and never came back. No explanation. No warning. No goodbye. Ten years later, Tyler is an accomplished doctor with a free clinic in San Francisco and Memphis is a divorced stuntman/underwear model who gives the term “adrenaline junkie” a whole new definition. Their worlds are brought back together for a fundraiser for Tyler’s clinic.

If you’ve read book 1 in the series, The Backup Boyfriend, you might remember Tyler as this uptight jerk (or that’s how I vaguely remember him). In book 2, you come to know Tyler a LOT better and I really, really liked him. Some people might not take to his cold-as-ice facade, but I liked how focused he was…how in control of his emotions he tried to be. Shit, how often in our books do the adults act like utter children? But Tyler…he felt like an emotional ADULT…and I liked that.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum is Memphis. Memphis…well, I found him to be selfish, not at all charming, and a bit of a jerk. I didn’t sense he had Tyler’s feelings in his mind at all. And though he had a LOT to be bitter about in life, I wasn’t warmed by his character.

The chemistry between the two was undeniable and the author actually did a really good job of unlayering the history, explaining the why’s, dropping little bombs of info here and there…and kept me on my toes and engaged for most the story. The end was rushed a bit, but I was surprised to find it had me in tears and grouchiness towards Memphis aside, I wanted for this couple’s HEA.

It was good to catch up on the cast of characters from book 1. Doesn’t take a genius to decipher book 3 will be about Noah…and I like this author’s writing style enough to definitely give it a go. If she could turn me around to like Tyler, I’m guessing/hoping she’ll be able to turn me around to like Noah eventually too.




22692930Title: The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles #2)
Author: River Jaymes
Publisher: self-pub
Pages: 284
Release Date: October 13, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon

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