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REVIEW: “Unborn” by Rose Christo


Kerry Thompson is not supposed to exist. Kerry Thompson was aborted nineteen years ago–and survived. Nineteen years later, Kerry contends with a myriad of health conditions and a heart full of hatred.

A stint in the hospital sees Kerry cross paths with Sahara, a quirky little girl living in the pediatric ward, and her day nurse, Daniel, whose heart is as big as his earring collection. Challenged by their offers of friendship, Kerry starts to reevaluate his outlook on life–his self-image–and just how well he understands his mother.



Honestly, where to start? My heart has been torn apart and carefully reconstructed in an all new (and improved) way, thanks to Rose Christo’s thought-provoking words about choices and perspective and the people who help us heal.

Unborn is told from Kerry’s POV, and it starts off angry and bitter and ugly. I’ll admit I didn’t like Kerry all that much in the beginning; he’s damaged inside and out, and he’s not afraid to share his dissatisfaction with the world.

Kerry was meant to be aborted (late in his mother’s pregnancy) but instead he was born and suffers a crazy array of health problems related to being both premature and disabled from the botched procedure.

To say Kerry’s relationship with his mother is forced…well, that’s an understatement. She’s abusive and troubled. Kerry gives as good as he gets, though. When Kerry lands an extended stay in the hospital (related to seizures, mostly), he’s bothered by the various patients and doctors and nurses who sincerely aim to help him have a better quality of life.


Why should they care, he wonders?

Why won’t they leave him alone?

Why can’t he be dead?


Where so many of the novels I read these days are focused on two MCs coming together and finding love, most of this book is about Kerry learning to accept his reality, while also becoming aware that the world is full of people to love. Over the course of weeks and months that he’s hospitalized, Kerry realizes things happen for reasons none of us may ever fully understand. At the hospital, Kerry forms a relationship with a pediatric nurse, Daniel, and they grow a tentative but rich bond with each other. Kerry also becomes close with a girl, Sahara, and her back story (GAH) is a fundamental part of his healing.

What I loved about this novel was that I got to see Kerry’s outlook change page-by-page.

The thing is, I also got to see the lives of his new friends change, too.

You should know this book isn’t an opinion piece about abortion; if you have them (opinions, I mean), you might be best served to stay away. It’s gritty and emotional and raw, but it comes with a silver lining and a message not so much of forgiveness but of moving forward.

There’s no sexual content, and the ending is happy-for-now and abrupt. That said I’m looking forward to reading more about Kerry and Daniel and Sahara and the rest of the characters from Unborn.




Title: Unborn
Author: Rose Christo
Publisher: Self pub
Pages: 298
Release Date: Feb. 11, 2013
Purchase Links: Smashwords, Amazon


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