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REVIEW: “Mr Popsalos” by Lisa Worrall



Luke Fisher has been a single parent for six years. During those six years, he has become painfully aware that the moment you reveal that you have a kid, you immediately become less dateable. Rather than set himself up for the inevitable fall, he just doesn’t date. But it doesn’t matter, because he has everything he needs; a beautiful son, a good job, and a supportive family. He doesn’t need anything or anyone else…does he?

He doesn’t think so until two weeks before Christmas, when he meets Jamie in a bar while out with some colleagues. The man is undoubtedly the hottest thing Luke has ever seen and one glance into Jamie’s beautiful eyes tells him the feeling is mutual. But will the attraction fade once Jamie finds out about Reggie? After an amazing night together, Luke decides to pre-empt the heartache and throws away Jamie’s number, thinking he will never see him again…


Note: this second edition (published December, 2014) of Mr. Popsalos is the combination of novellas one and two of the Mr. Popsalos series.  Novella one has been expanded and completely re-written.

This is a super sweet short story about an adorable kid, a besotted father and a hottie called Jamie.

I love a story that pulls me in from the start; that flows easily and pulls at my heart-strings – and Mr. Popsalos certainly did that.  In fact, I found myself smiling from the get-go and a few pages later, I had tears swelling in my eyes.  Granted, I’m known for being an easy target for tear-jerkers, but I think this was written really well. Especially seeing so much was inserted into so few pages.  Kudos, right there.

The beginning is wonderfully cute and highlights the interaction between MC Luke and his six-year-old son Reggie and to be honest, it  felt like their personalities come bouncing off the pages with almost a technicolor blast of instal-love between me and the book.

There’s a great big plot twist that I think is handled really well and although I could see how it was going to eventually work out, I still enjoyed reading it.

I’ve tagged this as a Christmas/Holiday read because it’s placed just before Christmas, while the story stretches past the festive season and then ends on a Christmas themed treat.  <3  May I suggest you add this to your Christmas TBR?  Or even as a story that could get you out of slump?  Or something to cleanse your palate after a particularly dense read?  Whichever way you choose to mark this for reading later, I think it’ll work. *shrugs*  It’s just a feel good read.

So in conclusion, this story begins with an adorable father and son duo, is then mixed with a stand-up Greek (I’m guessing he’s Greek because of his surname) lover and finally reaches a perfect HEA.

P.s.  Would I read more of Lisa Worrall’s work?  Yes, indeed.  And I’m looking forward to it. :)




Ami: 3 stars (1st edition)


23629162Title: Mr Popsalos (Complete Series)
Author:  Lisa Worrall
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages:  116
Release Date:  December 24th, 2014
Purchase Links:  Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, ARe.

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