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REVIEW: “Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life” by Julie Bozza



Investigative journalist Mitch Rebecki loves his job and loves New York. He doesn’t mind making enemies, either. When a crime boss threatens retaliation, Mitch’s editor sends him out of harm’s way to Sydney. In exile and resentfully working on lifestyle pieces, Mitch is miserable. But he makes a friend or two, meets a man … and discovers that Australians do organized crime, too, in a small way. Mitch soon finds himself in too deep on all counts, and trying to head home again seems the only solution.


I am a big Julie Bozza fan. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in person on a number of occasions and she is delightful. I’m also a big fan of her books that I’ve read in the past. I admire how she is really creative in her plots…(from magical butterfiles to pro wrestlers!).

I wanted to say all of that because, well, 1)it’s true and 2)I needed to soften the blow.

I did NOT like “Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life”. In fact, I’m quite confused by it. With a talented author and a promising blurb, how could it have gone so wrong?

Hardened NY writer investigating a mob boss. Gets sent to Australia to disappear for awhile once the heat is on and he receives some threats. “Gets a Life” in Sydney by meeting a man and friends. That’s what I was expecting. And technically, I guess that’s what I read, but honestly…it could not have been more blah and boring. No action. No suspense. No real romance. Nothing I would have expected with the ingredients presented in the basic bones of the story.

I wanted to believe the slow pace was nuance, was set to woo me into the story. I often love quiet books that take their time. But the story never really got going. I was hopeful around the 80% mark, but it just was all over the place. We jump from character to character and never really got to know anyone. And worst of all, I had no sense of who Mitch Rebecki was and what his getting-a-life looked like.

The character arcs of the sassy-yet-emo-bestie Cory and absolutely-perfect-love-interest Rory also fell flat. I was just…perplexed by the whole thing. Page after page I kept thinking “surely something  will happen to have all of these mundane details interconnect and make sense eventually, right?” No…no such big reveal. No ‘tada’ moment. (And totally confused why it was set in 2006…I know that sounds like a weird thing to concern myself about. But, it kept nagging at me…”Why is this set in 2006? Is there a purpose? A reason for that year? That time?” Just another one of those things about this book that just didn’t make sense to me.)

I typically can’t wait to get my kindle in my hands and savor pages of a book. But, I actually almost dreaded having to finish this. I even skimmed quite a bit. There were still flashes of the Bozza writing that I really enjoy. But the story as a whole and the way that it was put together really did not work for me.

I’m actually so confused by my disappointment with this book that I’m wondering if maybe I missed something…? Maybe I just didn’t get the story?

I considered rating this MNY (me-not-you), but I’m not quite sure if that’s true…




24735921Title: Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life
Author: Julie Bozza
Publisher: Manifold Press
Pages: 190
Release Date: February 1, 2015
Purchase Links: Manifold Press

5 comments on “REVIEW: “Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life” by Julie Bozza

  1. Julie Bozza
    February 5, 2015

    {{{hugs}}} I’m sorry you were disappointed, hon.


  2. Sue
    February 5, 2015

    I never thought I’d see the day that Susan would 2 star a Bozza book! Brace yourselves – the apocalypse is coming.

    Liked by 1 person

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