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REVIEW: “Jock Auction” by Alex Pendragon



Sexy high-school footballer Kyle has two big blind-spots: first, he assumes he’s straight, and second, he doesn’t know quite how much his shy, geeky classmate Craig lusts after him. When the two are thrown together after a charity slave auction, however, how incredible the sex is turns out to be hard to miss. Problem is, Kyle’s awakened sexuality is on a collision course with his hot teammates, and not everyone in his conservative Midwestern town is quite so open-minded.

When Kyle unexpectedly gets up close and personal with another closeted jock, and realizes in the process that there’s more than just teenage hormones between himself and Craig, he’s faced with a choice: walk away, or fight for what until now he didn’t know he wanted. Meanwhile, Craig is learning that there’s more to his appetite for athletic guys than playing the meek submissive, and Kyle’s mea-culpa arrives right on time for him to explore some of the kinks he never knew he had.

Hard bodies meet even harder truths as two very different guys discover that, while you can buy someone’s time, you still have to win their heart.


Taking a risk on a new author is always a gamble and when a book is so new that you are one of the first to read it, it almost feels like a responsibility to other readers to let them know a few things up front. This is listed as YA but there is A LOT of sex in every which way with more than one person in this book. The sex is dirty and intense.  I know some folks don’t like to read that with boys in high school, even if they are seniors so I am tossing that warning out early.

Now then.

This is total high school PWP and for me, that was okay. PWP has its place and when you are strung out after an emotional read, books like these are exactly what you need. Now having admitted that I have no issues with PWP, this book left me a bit confused 99.9% of the time. Stay with me on that percentage and it being so damn close to that of condoms and their preventability of spreading STD’s. No, I am not going to jump on a moral soap box with this, BUT the no glove but lots of love deal with more than one person made me pause and want to toss local health clinic fliers at Kyle and his boy toys. Good lord.

I am not sure if the author was going for the PWP theme with this but they nailed it. It was like every porn clip you could find of every sex act out there and it was in this book… and most of it happens in the first five chapters. Not that I am complaining mind you, I was squirming in my chair and blushing at my desk as the boys explored. I’m just letting y’all know what goes down so you know what you’re spending your money on. Mmm Kay? Moving on.

Kyle gets bought at an auction to raise money for the football program. While the other guys get bought by chicks, Kyle gets bought by the shy emo boy with glasses, Craig. Kyle thinks he will be washing cars or cleaning out an attic but when he gets to Craig’s house and gets kissed? Attics are not what get clean… bad pun penalty? Deal with it. So anyway, Craig kissed Kyle and then they talk it out. Kyle tells Craig he is not gay, Craig tells Kyle he’s crushed on him since kindergarten *aww* and then Kyle decides to give Craig a lap dance. Mind you, Kyle still believes he is straight at this point and even after they play salami tonsil hockey…  ugh.

Craig buying Kyle at the auction was a brave thing to do. He just wanted to spend time with his crush and honestly the skinny emo kid had no idea how Kyle would react to spending time with him let alone be kissed. It was brave, reckless and adorable and thank goodness it paid off.

I love a good finding your sexuality story. The psychology of it intrigues me as a guy figures out he is attracted to other guys and then takes it from there. But I need a connection to buy into it and I never got that with Kyle. There is a lot of sex that happens between Craig and Kyle and while Craig opened up and spilled his crush story to Kyle before they did anything, I wanted to believe that Kyle was getting more than an orgasm out of being with Craig.

This takes a twist as the blurb tells you when Kyle and his teammate hookup. I wasn’t thrilled with that because I really like Craig but this isn’t my journey, it’s Kyle’s and he is young, full of testosterone and hornier than a ten peckered owl and boys like do not always think with their big brains and usually their smaller ones dangling between their legs. Kyle has a lot to figure out and it could be too late after what he has done to Craig.

I went back and forth and then back again with this book. Yeah, there is a lot of sex but it was hot so I was okay with it… most of the time.  I think it would have been easier to take some of what is done, because it’s hella dirty – dirty sex, dirty talk – if the boys weren’t seniors in high school. It was just advanced and very porntastic for young men, but what do I know?

You have a lot of things being done and thrown at you quickly and ducking all the new thoughts of Kyles as he meets, it seems, each teammate’s gay sibling was tough.  There were some great moments of dialogue between many of the boys and thoughtful small chats with Kyle and Craig that could have led to more intimacy but it led directly to more sex.

I don’t know exactly how to rate this. There were things I liked and things I didn’t. The sex was hot, but I wouldn’t call this romance because I had zero connection to either character and never formed that investment I need to fall in love with their story. This was PWP and like I said, that’s okay because it all has a place and a shelf for it.




24716509Title: Jock Auction
Author: Alex Pendragon
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Pages: 264
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Purchase Links: Loose Id, ARe, Amazon, B&N

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