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REVIEW: “Saving Sam” by Nikka Michaels



Ezekiel has been a Watcher angel for thousands of years, and now he wants a promotion to Guardian status. When he shows up for a meeting at Purgatory, Inc. Zeke gets the shock of his lifetime when his boss and Higher Power commands him to bring back Azazel, Death’s assistant.

Throw in the devil, a possible apocalypse, and a partner in archangel Sam and Zeke might get more than just his Guardian angel wings.


This short story is mindless entertainment – and I mean that statement in a POSITIVE way. Look, sometimes, I need a story that is not too heavy, not too serious … a story that’s just cheeky & fun, that can make me chuckle or giggle along the way. Saving Sam is exactly that.

The plot is exactly what is written in the book summary – but the idea of God being a Hippie, and Lucifer is in female form called Lucy, as well as quite a number of wonderful one-liners and banter exchanged between Zeke and Samael were amusing. There were some sexy times though — even if the reason for Zeke and Sam having sex was, well, a bit on the silly side (but it matched the tone, so I wasn’t exactly complaining *haha*). I couldn’t help enjoying the world that Nikka Michaels created here.

I was a bit annoyed with the ‘twist’ in the end though – I thought it was a rather cruel thing to do to Zeke. No matter what the reasons, I would throw tantrums!!

Bottom line, if you want something fun in between, this could be an option.



unnamed-5Title: Saving Sam (Purgatory Inc, #1)
Author: Nikka Michaels
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 52
Release Date: January 8, 2015
Purchase Links: Evernight Publishing, ARe, Amazon

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My name is Ami and I'm an Indonesian girl in my mid 30's, living in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I used to do a lot of journal writing in a different website but over the years, I started to lose interest. I am, instead, pretty active in reading and writing opinion in Goodreads. Then I start thinking that maybe I can have a blog in which I write mostly about books or joy of reading or anything related to reading activity, really. So this is what this blog is for ... although, I may be inspired to write off-books topic as well :)

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