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REVIEW: “Life Under New Management” By Jane Davitt



Working for a perfectionist like strict, sexy-as-hell Ethan isn’t easy. Falling in love with him? No problem at all.

Taking a bar job in an exclusive hotel is a stopgap for Andy. He’s an actor and his big break is coming soon—he knows it. His hot new boss Ethan is strict, demanding and totally off-limits but Andy can’t stop thinking about him.

When Andy learns of Ethan’s need to be in control of his partner—in bed and out of it—he’s stunned by the intensity of his reaction. He wants Ethan guiding him, bringing order to his chaotic life. And he sees that Ethan needs him too, though they can’t be open about their feelings.

Ethan deals out deliciously perverse consequences for misbehaving, but when it comes to incentives, he knows just what to offer to have Andy on his knees begging for more.

But some secrets can’t stay that way for long. And when difficult choices arise, for once Andy can’t turn to Ethan for guidance. This time, he’s on his own.


Warning: This will be a fangirl review and I have no shame.

Goodness, I love the way Jane Davitt writes kink, it’s brilliant and this story was amazing. Just amazing and I am in love with everything about it. Andy and Ethan are going to be hard to forget and it’s damn good I don’t want to forget them. Ever.

This wasn’t what I expected and that’s a good thing.  I know from the blurb there will be a power play between Ethan and Andy but it was so much more than that. So much more.

Told in the POV of Andy, we meet Ethan as Andy is applying for a bar job at the Totally Five Star Hotel to pay the bills while he waits for acting jobs. But when Andy meets Ethan his interviewer and would be boss? He sees a hot guy who is a control freak who can make Andy pant just by examining his clothes. Well, Ethan made me pant at that moment and I couldn’t wait for these to do start dancing around one another.

Rules. They were part of life. House rules, school rules and the self-applied ones…

Ethan, he is a man after my own heart in many way. He loves to have things in order, to be in control and that doesn’t stop with his relationships or sex. I like that Ethan is not a Dom or considers himself one; he is just a guy who figured out he has a few kinks and that is A-Okay with me. There doesn’t need to be a naming of roles or kinks, playroom, dungeons (the mention of that made me laugh) he is simply a guy who gets off on control. Okay and he totally gets off on inflicting pain to the point of tears on those who give it all to him. *ahem* Have I mentioned I have a crush on Ethan? I mean, the man calls Andy “Andrew” and that is always hot for me. The one in control using a formal name or even an endearment? Yeah, I’d call Ethan “sir”, too Andy.

“Yes, sir.”

“My team usually calls me boss.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Oh, Andrew. You have no idea how big a mistake it is to push me…”

Gah! I was begging for Andy to push him so I could see what happened and great moogly was it hot. These two were hot together; a sensual explosion of control, submission, passion and intense emotions. I absolutely love how this story teeter tottered from BDSM to Domestic Discipline. It was a beautiful blend of the two; seeing Andy realize what he wants, the pain he craves in bed and the control over his life even though he wants to fight it. Seeing Andy finally absorb that not only are his desires okay, it was what Ethan wanted from him, what got him off. Unf! I adored it, Ethan controlling Andy and Andy learning to relax and give in to what Ethan wanted was stunning.

He’d never done anything as difficult in theory and easy in practice.

The best thing about this story for me, was watching the relationship build. These two talked. From the moment Ethan and Andy deicide to give each other a chance to any small detail or big decision, they talked their issues out and I loved it. There was patience, learning, accepting and compassion. Any questions that were raised, it was dealt with even if Ethan has to drag them out of Andy or Andy had to beg. Goodness, how I love Andy begging.


“Sweetheart.” Ethan replied, eyes twinkling. 

Along with all that we get with the kink, the pain, the control and the boys being hot as hell, we get humor as well. It was a nice change to see them poke fun and play with one another. Sure, Ethan likes to control Andy as much as Andy loves Ethan to control him, but the ease they fit together and could laugh with one another was endearing. Ack. I can’t get enough of them and I didn’t want their story to end. It was so damn good and consuming.

So yeah, I loved the hell out of this book, everything about it and I keep looking over my notes and grinning like a fool. I’ll stop my fangirling now. I’m going to go visit my favorite scenes again…





24700778Title: Life Under New Management
Author: Jane Davitt
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 255
Release Date: March 6, 2015 
Purchase Links: Totally Bound

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