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REVIEW: “Soufflés at Sunrise” by MJ O’Shea and Anna Martin



“Welcome to a new season of Burned, where we find fresh new cooking talent… and a few culinary disasters! Every season we do something a little different, and this time it’s all about the sweet things in life. Get ready in week one as twenty pastry chef hopefuls and dessert connoisseurs compete for the thirteen coveted workspaces in our Burned kitchen. With stakes this big, we ask the one question on everyone’s mind: Do these chefs have what it takes to rise to the top? Or will they get Burned?”

Burned contestants Chase and Kai are attracted from the start and can’t wait to spend more time getting to know each other… until they see the first episode treatment and realize the producers intend to portray them as bitter enemies. At first it’s fun to pretend to bicker—enemies on film, lovers when the cameras stop rolling—but soon it’s hard not to take the faux rivalry seriously. It’s only when their choice is to band together and bake their way to the final or get burned that they find where their real loyalties lie.


Yum, yum, yum! This was a lip-smacking tasty treat. I’m not much of a telly girl; I rarely watch any shows. I prefer to have music playing in the house, but if my family is home…the boob tube is on. (what a weird name aye?) It’s typical background noise for me. My hubby loves food shows; from Andrew and his freaky foods from around the world to Triple D’s driving adventures to Top Chef. If you’re a foodie and food competitions rank high on your list of entertainment, you should take notice of this one.

It was exactly as if I was watching reality tv…only better. Set in sunny LA, we tag-along with Kai and Chase as they fight to stay in the Burned chef competition. Each week the contestants are presented with a challenge, must create delectable desserts and stay away from the bottom two slots during judging. The cast of thirteen must live together (in a gorgeous luxury condo) and sign secrecy contracts to stay tight lipped about the happenings behind the scenes until the show airs. Little drama with the cast and crew, it was mostly a smooth ride. Mostly.

Kailua is driven, determined and deadly in the kitchen. He left his home of paradise in Hawaii and moved to Los Angles to gain experience and prepare for his ultimate dream…winning Burned. Chase is quiet, shy and humble. He’s from the quiet country of Wisconsin and owns an Organic Ice Cream Parlor. They are as opposite as can be, yet are immediately drawn to one another. Despite agreeing to NO fraternization with other competitors, they can’t fight it. They find they have something together that neither of them realized they were missing. I love it when you find something that you never knew you HAD to have.

They turn up the heat in and out of the kitchen…and somebody is bound to get scorched. The question becomes- is their relationship more important than the competition?

I enjoyed both Kai and Chase. A golden surfer with long raven locks, cocky in the kitchen but prefers a different role with his lover mixed with a tall muscular blond with a rosy blush and a hidden desire to take charge behind closed doors…what’s not to like? The spotlight is mainly on the competition and how they will navigate it together. As you can imagine, their joined forces must fracture as they near the final weeks. You can’t hold you lover’s hand while you fight for the top.

Their quick passion and curious discoveries in the bedroom was smokin’. It wasn’t heavy on the smexy, but I thought it was balanced with length of the story.They were a fun couple and it was a fun story. I can certainly say that I was entertained. A lovely lighthearted and easy read. *sigh* Sometimes that is just what I’m looking for.

A fabulous collaboration of authors style as well. A perfect blend and they complement each other well. I missed the first dose of sugary goodness in this series, but didn’t have any trouble. Definitely a stand-alone. I will come back for seconds though, and I’m thinking macarons sound perfect!




Title: Soufflés at Sunrise (Just Desserts #2)
Author: MJ O’Shea and Anna Martin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 206 pages
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner Press

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