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GUEST READER REVIEW: “The Ghost Slept Over” by Marshall Thornton

Guest Review

Boys in our Books welcomes DIDI with a Guest Reader Review

When failed actor Cal Parsons travels to rural New York to claim the estate of his famous and estranged ex-partner he discovers something he wasn’t expecting…the ghost of his ex! And, worse, his ex invites Cal to join him for all eternity. Now. As Cal attempts to rid himself of the ghost by any means he begins to fall for the attractive attorney representing the estate. Will Cal be able to begin a new relationship or will he be seduced into the ever after?

Runner Up 2014 Rainbow Awards – Best Romantic Comedy


I needed a good laugh and this book had been sitting there untouched on my TBR for a while. So what the heck, I thought I’d give this a try.

Cal Parsons was a failed actor down on his luck – his agent didn’t even deign to talk directly to him. He was quite homeless when he got a call that changed his life forever: an ex-lover had died and left his estate for Cal. Leaving glitzy Los Angeles to cold winter rural New York, Cal discovered not only did he inherit a picturesque house, but Mac, his ex-lover was haunting it – or him – as a ghost. Mac might have dumped him 15 years ago, but now he insisted that Cal was the love of his life and they should be together for always. It was an unlikely situation for falling in love, surely. Except that Cal started to find himself attracted to Dewey, the jack-of-all-legal-trades country lawyer.

This was a comedy of a ghost story set in close-knit Marlboro Township, a town where everybody knew everybody’s business (like when a certain lawyer and actor got lucky, where they bought condoms and lube, where they had dinner, where and what they bought apparel-shopping; it was scarily embarrassing). The only thing the townfolk didn’t know, apparently, was that Mac’s ghost still very much lived in his house. Well, sort of. The late playwright haunted Cal’s every activity in and out of the house. The conversations between Cal and anyone became rather bizarrely funny with Mac jumping in and Cal’s automatic replies to him.

I enjoyed this book; it could be the right time and mood for me to pick this to read. The interactions between characters were snort-inducing; though some might appear tacky. There were secrets, hidden agendas that spoiled a budding romance when revealed, but soon resolved. The story was told from Cal and Dewey’s POV alternately and given how totally different their personalities were, it really gave insight on both characters, and thus their flaws as well. I didn’t really like both MCs personalities; they were either immature (for a forty year old) or weak (for a lawyer). Surprisingly, the person I liked best here was the ghost Mac. Sure, he was sneaky, mischievous, exasperating, lustful and stubborn; but he stuck to his character, contrary though it may be. He also livened up the conversation whenever he’s around!

Another thing that nagged me in this book were the editing issues. There were a few that really disturbed my reading pace. Going back a few times to make sure I got it right was vexing!

But all in all, this was entertaining. If you wanted a not-scary ghost story, or reading – instead of ghost fighting – an arguing and negotiating ghost, you could give this one a try and have a laugh with it.




20688907Title: The Ghost Slept Over
Author: Marshall Thornton
Publisher: Self-Published (Originally via MLR Press)
Pages: 237
Release Date: January 19, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon

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