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REVIEW: “In Search of Saints” by Harper Fox



Mitch is on a last-ditch drive to save his career with the Scottish Institute of Archaeology. His ex-lover Lewis has stolen his research into the legendary Pictish saints, mystical pre-Celtic statues hidden somewhere on mist-wreathed Dove Island. Now Mitch is tearing out to the coast in the hope of reaching the saints before his treacherous ex can stake a claim.

At Mitch’s side is his devoted assistant, Owen. Owen adores Mitch, but he’s the quiet, loyal type. Despite himself, Mitch is still dazzled by memories of flamboyant Lewis. He’s in danger of destroying his newfound happiness with Owen – and, as the race for the saints intensifies, he’s losing perspective. Will Mitch learn how to appreciate the love of a good man before he plunges himself and Owen too far into the deadly mysteries of Dove Island?


This nugget had been sitting on my TBR for quite awhile. For my favorite authors, I try to save some backlist reads an savor them over time. And savor this is exactly what I did.

This might be one of my favorite Harper Fox books.

The backdrop is a mystic archeological site. The romance story line is a researcher, Mitch, the shiny ex-boyfriend he can’t get over, and the tried-and-true new love he has to come to appreciate or lose him forever. YES! This is perfection!

There’s betrayal here. There’s hurt here. There’s loss here. There’s unrequited love here. There’s a grand declaration of love here. And it’s all written in the gloriously lovely way that only Harper Fox really can do.

I admit I was uncertain about the mystical/spritual element to the story…and how I felt about it. But, looking back, I can keenly remember feeling afraid, and then freaked, and then concerned, and then sad, and then confused, and I *might* have rolled my eyes a tiny bit at certain parts. Yet it ALL worked in and for the overall story.

I’m surprised how much story is covered in such few pages. I would have LOVED if this had been a longer book…or if there would be additional stories about these characters. But as it stands, I was still perfectly satisfied and in bliss by this book.




Ami – 4 stars


15799714Title: In Search of Saints
Author: Harper Fox
Publisher: Self Pub
Pages: 83
Release Date: August 5, 2012
Purchase Links: Amazon, ARe

One comment on “REVIEW: “In Search of Saints” by Harper Fox

  1. suze294
    March 24, 2015

    Agree! Did so enjoy this one – lots of emotional entanglements with big egos getting in the way, a dash of paranormal, a bit of pictish history and a summer storm for added atmosphere and danger = great read!


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