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REVIEW: “Unintended” by M.J. O’Shea



Taylor Quinn is in love. He never meant to fall for the hottest guy in school…or any guy at all for that matter. But he did.

Alex Stewart is in love. He took one look at the adorable skater boy with the big lost eyes and was gone.

They’re both happier than they’ve ever been, but can their fragile new love survive?


I have a sweet spot for young love that lasts- probably because I married my high school sweetheart. I was sixteen, he was eighteen and I knew he was ‘it’ for me. I just knew.  Taylor and Alex just knew. One of the things that I loved about their story was…we get their HEA in the beginning. How cool is that?

No wondering. No worrying. No angst. This could be a major turn-off for some, but it was exactly what I was looking for on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This would be a lovely beach book!

Their story is told with flashes from the present mixed together with the past. The slices of history were stronger and held more power. I didn’t necessarily mind the moments from their adulthood, but I craved their early days. I wanted the gushing, blushing memories. I wanted to melt over all their ‘firsts’. I got my wish.

Taylor and Alex fall in love during their senior year of high school. Taylor had never been attracted to another guy before, but with Alex he doesn’t see a ‘guy’ he only has eyes for his best friend and his one true love. Fears of coming out and acceptance from family and friends nearly destroy their future. But never fear! They are moving into their new home as husbands in the first chapter. And they are so darn cute. Lots of cuddles and pet names and ‘I love you’s’…without a doubt, a feel good read.

A beautifully written gay-for-you with lovable characters. The writing or editing could have been more polished. The time changes were clearly defined but the dialogue flowed without any distinction and a few typos were missed. If it wasn’t for the light housekeeping, this would have been a strong 4 stars for me. I always adore O’Shea’s boys, and Taylor & Alex were no exception.

Unintended is a sweet and effortless YA tale with a proper dose of smexy time. If you enjoy a good GFY and YA, I’m certain you’ll be pleased with the innocence of this unintentional love story.





Rachel – 3 stars
Ami – 3 stars
Sara – 5 stars


Title: Unintended 
Author: M.J. O’Shea
Publisher: Republica Press
Pages: 100 pages
Release Date: April 29, 2010
Purchase Links: Amazon

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