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GUEST READER PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “Fallout” by Lisa Henry & M. Caspian

Guest Review

Boys in our Books welcomes KRISTIE with a Guest Reader Review


High-school boyfriends Jack Haldane and Bastian Wade thought everything would be perfect once they reunited at college, putting disapproving parents and small-town attitudes firmly in the past. Now Jack’s on track for a PhD scholarship and a career as a researcher, and Bastian . . . well, living inside a broken body and trailing along in Jack’s shadow didn’t feature in his lofty teenage ambitions.

A weekend camping trip back home offers a chance for them to reconnect, but an ugly confrontation with the local motorcycle gang is only the start of their problems. When disaster occurs and the world unravels, will Bastian and Jack manage to hold on to each other, or fall further apart as they try to survive?


This is dark. So dark. This book is not going to be for everyone. Actually, I think the blurb is a little light, considering. When starting, I figured I had a little bit of an idea of what I was getting myself into. Well, I guess I did, I just didn’t understand the magnitude. Did I mention it’s dark? …but it’s so good. I read it from start to finish. Never put it down once because I had to know.

When Jack and Bas go on a little camping trip, we learn that their relationship is strained. We learn why there is strain, and as you read the story, you begin to understand both sides. They’re hoping that this little trip will be good for them. A time to connect again. But a confrontation with a local biker gang starts off a tale of murder, rape, destruction, and all out hate. Top that all off with volcanic ash coming from who knows where, and dire times have just become all out deadly.

The authors pull no punches with this book. None. Just when I thought it would not get graphic, it did. Just when I thought things could not get worse, they did. I’ve read a lot of stories with possible end-of-the-world scenarios, the horrible things that happen to good people at a time like this, and I’ve had some luck with them. This book is one of the better ones because it feels so real.

I was with them, coming down off the mountain trail, gasping for breath. I was there, seeing the darkened sky, filled with ash and despair. I was so completely captivated by everything going on that when I finally looked up, I was done. I’d been pulled in by situations that could actually happen. It could happen tomorrow… it could happen today, and that’s really scary.

Something that makes the story even more frightening is at a time when people should come together to help one another as a team, as a community, there is always someone out there who is selfish and decides they’re going to take away everything from you.

So in the middle of a story about two lovers who are trying to reconnect and get their relationship in a better place, is a story of all out survival. A story that has me asking, what would I do? How far would I go? What line would I not cross? Is there a line? It makes me wonder. What would you do?




25299405Title: Fallout
Author: Lisa Henry & M. Caspian
Publisher: Self-pub
Pages: 184
Release Date: April 17, 2015
Purchase Links: TBD

One comment on “GUEST READER PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “Fallout” by Lisa Henry & M. Caspian

  1. Ree Dee
    April 19, 2015

    Thank you for your review! It gave me a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach!


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