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REVIEW: “Checking Out Love” by R. Cooper



Jeremy is a grad student with a quick mind and insatiable thirst for knowledge. What he’s currently most curious about is the infamously strict librarian at the small private library attached to his university. He has a weakness for devastatingly clever jerks, so despite his looming thesis, Jeremy decides to pay the famous special collection—and its curator—a visit. But instead of an intimidating beast of a librarian, he finds the librarian’s soft-spoken assistant, Benj. Quiet, shy, guys with pretty eyes and handmade cardigans are not Jeremy’s type. Jeremy is too smart, and weird, for anyone so sweet. He’d walk all over them, or find them boring after five minutes. Which doesn’t explain why he keeps coming back to the library, despite never once encountering the notoriously protective special collections librarian. Perhaps if he weren’t so distracted by Benj’s surprisingly impressive shoulders and the absolutely charming library he runs, he’d notice there’s more to Benj than knitted sweaters.


Well this one was adorable.

What I liked about this novella:

Jeremy, quirky, talks too much, thinks too much, confident in ways, totally self-deprecating in others. Chinese (yay! POC!), smarty-pants. Big crush on the sexy librarian.

Benj, big grouchy librarian, in hand knit sweaters, with a cat, who softens up a tad whenever Jeremy is around.

Awesome library setting.

Adorable interactions.

I like the voice & style of this author. Looking forward to reading more.

What I didn’t love about this novella:

Reading right along, 2 interactions between Jeremy & Benj, waiting for the BIG reveal…and suddenly realize I’m already at 90%. Ummm…oh yeah…it’s only 40+ pages. Bummer

Also…it read like a galley proof w/ a bunch of errors. I, erm, paid money (ok, only $0.99…but still!) for this on Amazon, so things like “…he usually tried to control it around it people who didn’t know him…” (huh?) particularly stand out to me and are distracting.

Really sweet and quirky, but left me a tiny bit unsatisfied at the end. Felt incomplete and that bummed me out! Otherwise, adored it.



24841373Title: Checking Out Love Author: R. Cooper Publisher: Self-pub Pages: 46  Release Date: February 4, 2015 Purchase Links: Amazon

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