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REVIEW: “The Hitchhiker” by Alex Pendragon



Stuck in a dead-end job, and still burned from his unfaithful ex’s cheating, Jacob’s hopes for romance are on lockdown. He may be cute and smart, but his love life is colder than the harsh Chicago winter.

Enter mysterious hitchhiker Cain, only five years younger but the playful antithesis of Jacob’s reserve. Physically confident and oozing sex-appeal, as soon as he slips his lithe body into the passenger seat, Jacob knows he’s facing trouble.

An unexpected road trip may be a work chore for Jacob, but for Cain it’s the chance to finally escape the cookie-cutter life mapped out for him, even if he hasn’t got a clue what he’ll do instead. The attraction between the two may be all-but undeniable, but Jacob learned the hard way that bad boys and worse choices can come back to bite you, and taking the risk of admitting what he wants might be a step too far.

Two hot guys each with a difficult past. One long drive to sunny San Francisco. On this trip, the slow lane just isn’t an option.


I went out for dinner the other night. Spurred by a craving for steak, I hungrily made my way to our favorite surf and turf restaurant. I was crestfallen when we pulled up and the place was unexpectedly closed. Without a lot of options we went for burgers instead. I grumpily munched on my (delicious) hamburger, my mood completely deflated. Now, I happen to love a good burger but it just wasn’t what I wanted.

And….that about sums up how I felt about The Hitchhiker. It did not scream YA to me. I had no inkling from the blurb that this was young adult. It is very much YA. I enjoy YA, truly, I do. Lesson learned- I need to expect it. Anticipate the immaturity of the characters. Both boys came across extremely immature and I believe part of that was due to the swift change of book mood I was swept into.

Jacob, not Jake thank you, is drifting. He is lingering in that ‘stuck phase’ after college before ‘grown up life’ begins. Recently separated from his boyfriend and working a less than stellar job, he is in desperate need of direction. He prefers monotonous careful planning. He is a thinker, a planner. What happens when he suddenly stops thinking and just feels?

Cain is all fly-by-the-seat of his pants. His parents carefully constructed a path towards the future they want for him and he refuses to be pulled into a life he detests. He quickly veers off the smooth path laid out and runs away. Hitching a ride from Chicago to sunny San Francisco, he discovers more uncertainties and embraces the variables of life. He doesn’t need labels or directions; he’ll make them up as he goes along. Problem is….what if he doesn’t want to do it alone?

Like I said, the boys are very juvenile and I found this off-putting. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’. Not to mention, it wasn’t the best GFY I’ve ever read. However, the….hmmmm, I’m gonna call it Fortune Cookie yoga pose was oddly fascinating. I’ve NEVER read a sex scene quite like it. It sure as hell was enough to flip the switch in Cain and their playful discoveries went from zero to sixty on the kink scale in less than a second.

So, know going in that this is silly kinky young fun and I think you’ll enjoy it more than I did. *ahem* And if anyone knows of any other Fortune Cookie smut scenes….I wouldn’t mind the rec. For research of course ;)






Title: The Hitchhiker
Author: Alex Pendragon
Publisher: Loose Id
Pages: 102 
Release Date: April 14, 2015
Purchase Links: Loose Id

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