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RELEASE NEWS: “Blood & Circuses” by Manna Francis


I’m sure you’ve all heard the news, but it’s worth its own post:

The MUCH-ANTICIPATED next installment of Manna Francis’ “The Administration” series has a RELEASE DATE! That’s right, on JULY 1, 2015, Casperian Books is releasing “Blood and Circuses” and we are SCREAMING in delight! More Toreth and Warrick (and hopefully, Carnac!) If you haven’t yet read TA, get ON it! It’s a mind-bending, emotion-manipulating, sexy-as-fuck delight! And you can get it for FREE online.



1-934081-49-3fTitle: Blood & Circuses (The Administration #8)
Author: Manna Francis
Publisher: Casperian Books
Pages: 290
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Purchase Link: Casperian Books



Both Resourceful and Decorative.

It’s set to be a busy autumn in New London and beyond. With the ripples of the revolt still running through the European Administration, Val Toreth is slowly settling into the new flat he shares with Keir Warrick. But on orders from the very highest levels of the Administration, Toreth finds himself leaving his regular beat far behind and heading over the Atlantic to Washington D.C. Without his usual team or his authority as a Para-investigator to back him up, Toreth is caught up in a world of politics, diplomacy, and religion far outside his experience. Worst of all, he’s stuck with an unexpected and very unwanted companion on his trip. Can he keep his cool and win through when international reputations are on the line?

Back in New London, Investigator Barret-Connor is called on to deal with a case that lies outside the traditional areas of interest of the Investigation and Interrogation Division–the unexpectedly dangerous world of Europe’s music corporations. With dark secrets hidden behind the PR-groomed public façade, both his professional skills and conscience will be tested.

The eighth book in the Administration series contains the novellas Innocent Blood and For Your Entertainment, and continues the lives of now partially domesticated Para-investigator Val Toreth and somewhat harried corporate director Keir Warrick.


One comment on “RELEASE NEWS: “Blood & Circuses” by Manna Francis

  1. Sheri
    June 3, 2015

    The cover!!! And…title!


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