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REVIEW: “Healing Hunter’s Heart” by Charlie Cochet


Months after being forced to leave his lover and mate Ari Jannsen behind, Hunter Devin settles into his role as Enforcer for the newly formed Deagan Clan under the rule of his new Alpha and best friend Tristan “Trip” Hagan. Along with Hunter’s brother Boone, their nephews, sister, and mother, Hunter finally has the family he’s always wanted, but without his little rebel Ari, his heart is incomplete.

The Hagan Clan is unable to accept the Deagan Clan’s betrayal for walking away and taking the clan’s pups with them. War looms. As both clans plan their attack, a greater enemy plots against them. But Hunter is determined to get his Ari back. Bonds are put to the test and unexpected alliances are made as Hunter and his clan set out to protect their own and end the spreading heartache.


Title: Healing Hunter’s Heart (A Little Bite of Love #2)
Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Pages: 200
Release Date: April 24, 2015
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner


When we first meet Hunter in An Intrepid trip to Love, I knew his story was going to intense. Hunter is intense; he’s a Devil Dog and we quickly learned that Devil Dog’s are named aptly for a reason. He’s protective, passionate, and loyal to a fault. He never expected to give his heart away. Then again he never expected Ari to knock his feet out from underneath him while he simultaneously stole his breath and his heart. He kinda took my breath away too.

I loved how the beginning was a brief flashback into the past and these early moments were easily my favorite part of the story. The intro includes a lovely cast list which was greatly appreciated- thank you! I found the opening overlapping with the epilogue of first book a clever twist and was tickled with the strong start. Sadly, it began to decline for me around the middle and nearly lost all of its luster by the end.

It wasn’t the romance or the main characters that caused the story to slip, but the plot and the secondary characters. The witty sarcastic humor from the first book continues yet this time around it almost felt forced. The comedic air danced along the line of ‘hilarious’ and ‘absolutely absurd’ in book one, and this time it was quickly pushed into the latter. The endearing teasing dialogue didn’t hit the high marks for me this time. I believe the cause of this was…Robbie. His role was significant before and doesn’t lose any limelight. Which was fine, but what wasn’t fine was how easily he controlled the story. The boy was the puppet master behind the shifting plot and it felt like a cheap way out. I like kids included in stories…when they are not manipulating the story.

The premise between a pureblood’s forbidden love affair with a Devil dog (think Prince falling in love with his bodyguard) lured me in.

Steamy love scenes (including a sexy & tender first time) were aplenty and kept my attention. Hot!

Action packed battle scenes and strung out emotions could have pushed this a great deal higher in my enjoyment factor if only the plot had been more concrete.

I was troubled with the fact that a few scenes did not make any sense. It would be spoilerish to go into details, but mating and bonding tie lovers together, weave their souls as one. Connection is key. The rules appeared to bend when it was convenient for the story-line, and this disappointed me. I fell into more ‘plotholes’ than I could count. The simplistic shifting (personally is not my favorite) was dismissible when everything else came together. Unfortunately this time it did not.

I had high hopes for this silly pack of dogs….here’s hoping for a smoother ride next time.

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  1. Dusty
    August 18, 2015

    We will certainly have a one hr lecture monthly given by specialists in wild medicine at Stanford Medical College.


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