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You’re having a loving relationship with a book. But maybe another book is flirting with you, piquing your interest. Are you a book monogamist…reading only one at a time? Or do you prefer the variety of engaging multiple at a time?


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I’m a one book girl. It’s ridiculous, but I feel as though I’m cheating on the ‘other’ book if I stray. And occasionally, I read an entire series back to back.



I’m normally a one book at the time kind of girl. I tend to lose focus if I have two reads. I can, sometimes, overlap a normal lenght book with a short story and it’s perfect.

The only way I can do two non-short books at the same time is if they are in different formats. Say, ebook and audiobook :)



Only one book at a time for me!

I can’t read multiple stories…I get too distracted. I actually try and finish the entire book in one sitting if possible!!!



Hard to say… I guess, mostly, I’m a one book girl. I find it hard to focus on more than one book at a time, especially if the books is fantastic. But if I’m reading an anthology, I can pick up stories here and there, in between other novels. Anthologies are also nice when reading particularly large/long, and intense books. Getting a short break from the intensity can really help me with perspective.



I’m very “poly” sometimes when reading, like right now I’m in the middle of…3 or 4 books? Sometimes I switch around because I need something lighter while reading on my commute, or I only have a short amount of time to read, and I’m afraid I’ll get sucked into a section that will need much longer. I’m the most monogamous when I have a huge chunk of time, like a weekend, to devote to one book, but a busy work week means I may be dating several different stories at once. :-)



I am usually a one book reader and it’s not a good sign when I’m reading more than one book. A crowded currently-reading list screams book funk!


10 comments on “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Book Monogamy…?

  1. susana
    June 19, 2015

    I’m really into polly-reading. I’ve always read more than one book at a time. You just have to check my currently-reading shelf at goodreads: I can be reading up to six or seven books at any given time (but they must be different genres and topics: one historical, one detective, one paranormal… Otherwise I tend to mix plots and characters ;) )


  2. Kim W
    June 19, 2015

    I read up to 4 or 5 books at a time sometimes. Usually different genres which helps keep things straight.


  3. Kate
    June 19, 2015

    It has to be said, when it comes to books… I am a tart….. I flirt with many at a time, occasionally settling down to read some, but always on the look out for the next new shiny…

    My kindle doesn’t go upstairs, which means I have a paper book by the bed, what I am currently reading on the kindle, and will read all sorts of stuff online (short stories that I can read in my lunch hour are a bonus) and occasionally break off reading the current kindle book for a new one… and then there are my research books which I dip in and out of when the mood takes me….. see, no fidelity at all when it comes to reading..

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  4. H.B.
    June 20, 2015

    It actually depends on how good the book is. For example if I was reading a new book by Jaime Reese I won’t be reading any other book until I finish it. As of late, I’ve been starting books to take a break from stories that have my mind wondering.

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    • H.B.
      June 20, 2015

      lol, wandering not wondering.


    • Sheri
      June 20, 2015

      Right on! When a Jaime Reese book is delivered to my kindle, it gets VIP treatment.


  5. juliesmall1959
    June 20, 2015

    Most of the time it’s one book at a time for me. Unless it’s not a grab you and not let you loose until you finish! Then I can read several at the same time.


  6. Luce
    June 20, 2015

    I’ve gotten into the habit of reading 4 books at a time. My one caveat is that two of the books have to be in audiobook form (the other two will be ebooks). I’ve got something of a commute so I tend to listen to audiobook A on the way to work and audiobook B on the way home. And then, I’ll read a chapter or two of each ebook at night.

    Don’t ask me why (because I really don’t know), but this is what works for me. :)


  7. Tully Vincent
    June 26, 2015

    I am ALWAYS reading more than one at a time… usually 2-3 reads and at least one audio going at once.


  8. ingrid2009
    June 29, 2015

    I read strictly read one book at a time. If I start a new book while not having finished the first one that it is a sign that it is a DNF for me.


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