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GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: “Bound With Passion” by Megan Mulry



When researching for a historical novel, how much harder is it to find anything on queer relationships? And menage especially?

There is a wealth of information out there about the history of queer relationships and ménage, but in terms of emotionally authentic conflicts and the type of books I am trying to write (erotic, engaging, gripping), it really isn’t necessary to do all that much historical research. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do a ton of research but it’s mostly, “Oh my god did you know that they were doing that all the way back in 1700?” Answer: Of course they were. Basically, there’s nothing new under the sun. So, whether it’s MMF or FFMM (or plain old MF lol), there are negotiations and pitfalls and misunderstandings that crop up no matter what. Meanwhile, if you want a deeper academic perspective, a great resource for ongoing study about the history of sexuality is the blog Notches. They cover a sweeping range of issues, from queer studies to narrative patterns to political ramifications. I highly recommend it. As for my books, while I try to work in a lot of historically accurate details, ultimately I want readers to feel what my characters are feeling—and those feelings tend to be timeless. What do your readers think? Are human feelings timeless?





Lady Georgiana Elizabeth Cambury has been a “wild romping girl” all her life: dressing in trousers, riding astride, and doing just fine, thank you very much. Her father’s exceedingly generous bequest—and her mother’s liberal views of the world—have ensured that Georgie will never be a slave to the barbarous institutions of marriage or motherhood. Or so she thinks.

When she returns from five years in North Africa to boring Derbyshire for a brief, obligatory family visit, she finds herself in the midst of a legal snarl involving Mr. James Rushford and Lord Trevor Mayson—neighbors, lovers, and her two closest friends. Mayson’s father has declared that he must marry or forfeit his vast inheritance, so Georgie blithely offers to walk down the aisle, in name only. Problem solved.

But try as she might, Georgie cannot ignore the passion that quickly blazes between all three of them. When her marriage of convenience turns into something much deeper, Georgie must decide if she is willing to give up the independence she has fought so hard to achieve—or if love is worth the ultimate surrender.


About the Author:

Megan Mulry writes sexy, stylish, romantic fiction. Her first book, A Royal Pain, was an NPR Best Book of 2012 and USA Today bestseller. Before discovering her passion for romance novels, she worked in magazine publishing and finance. After many years in New York, Boston, London, and Chicago, she now lives with her family in Florida.


Connect with Megan:

Website: http://meganmulry.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4123439.Megan_Mulry

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meganmulry

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/meganmulrybooks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeganMulry

Email: megan@meganmulry.com



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12 comments on “GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: “Bound With Passion” by Megan Mulry

  1. debby236
    July 6, 2015

    I love reading about research. I could spend my life doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim W
    July 6, 2015

    The new book sounds great!
    kimandpete at me dot com


  3. bn100
    July 6, 2015

    interesting research

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    Liked by 1 person

  4. H.B.
    July 6, 2015

    I love hearing about how an author does their research. Thank you for the link and giveaway chance!

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

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  5. Christina
    July 7, 2015

    Sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway.

    christina (dot) mcaul (at) gmail (dot) com


  6. Sara
    July 8, 2015

    Yes, I do think feelings, or more specifically emotions, are timeless. But different historical periods has allowed or taught people to act very differently to those same feelings/emotions. Also our values of what’s important differs a lot from one time period to an other. Things that will upset most of modern western population today, like say arranged marriage, or marriage for socio-economical reasons (the main reason for marriage for hundreds and hundreds of years unless you belonged at very bottom of society) was hardly something you’d even had a second thought about prior to the 20th century (even though the idea of a love marriage is awakened sometime around 1800, but still just an idea).

    My grandmother’s grandmother (born in 1860, in a successful farmer family) had a suitor who approached her father for her hand in marriage, but was told if he wanted to marry, he should marry the older unwed sister. And he did, and they both accepted it, unfortunate and not what they initially wanted, but not something they considered out of the ordinary.

    So yeah, we’re both alike over time, and very different as well.

    And thanks for the blog link. It looks interesting, I have bookmarked it for later. I have previously found Rictor Norton’s webpage Gay History and Literature (rictornorton.co.uk) interesting and quite informative on the subject.

    (And my apologies that this became such a long comment.)

    sorgbarn at hotmail dot com


    • MeganMulry
      July 10, 2015

      Hi Sara, I am so grateful for this link and love your story about your grandmother’s grandmother. Of course my romance-writer heart wishes they ended up happily ever after. I also like your distinction between feelings an emotions—so true. I did some research into the diary of Charlotte Susan M. Bury for this book and it is filled with emotional intensity that I would have thought anachronistic. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/1D6djjR if you are interested. Thanks so much for commenting!


  7. Angela
    July 9, 2015

    I do feel the human feelings are timeless because Love is Love, Desire is Desire and Lust is Lust no matter what time you live in. However the way we act about it i think is different in these days . For example: In the past you could get arrested or even killed when you would express your feelings/emotions on a same sex person because it was illegal (sadly in some country’s it still is). Because of this people were affraid to show there true selfs and hid behind marriage with a woman/man they didn’t love or even desire.

    Thanks for this post and the great giveaway.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MeganMulry
      July 10, 2015

      Yes, Angela, I totally agree. And even in supposedly “free societies” today, there are different pressures people interpret and act on in different ways—families of origin or religious beliefs can play a huge part in how people express their feelings. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!


  8. MeganMulry
    July 10, 2015

    Thanks for having me, Boys! Always a pleasure :)


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