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MOVIE REVIEW: “Free Fall ” by Stephan Lacant


Marc’s life goes into a state of free fall when he develops feelings for his male police partner, Kay. Torn between the life he knows so well and the exhilaration of this new adventure, Marc finds his world rapidly spinning out of control. “Free Fall” is a moving portrayal of what happens when life plans crumble and there is no way left to fulfill the needs of the people you love.

freefallTitle: Free Fall
Directed by: Stephan Lacant
Movie Length: 1 hr 42 mins
Release Date: May 23, 2013
Purchase Links: Amazon


Remember Sense8, the show we talked  about a few days ago? Well, I was talking with a friend as he was watching the show when all of the sudden he tells me “Hey, I’ve seen that guy in a German movie about two gay cops”, and I thought i need to watch this movie… Someday. But then, other friends kept telling me the same thing, and the movie kept coming up, so I thought that someday should become something more like tomorrow. Ha! And it did!

I need to start this by saying that if you are looking for a romantic happy ending, this is not it. Or at least, not in a conventional way. It does have a message, though… But I was so hurt and sad by the end of the movie that it was hard for me to completely appreciate it right away.

Free Fall is the story about Marc and Kay. They are cops, and while in training, they are forced to share a room (no, nothing happens here). At the beginning they don’t like each other much, but then they start jogging together and kinda get used to each other. Kay is gay. I can’t say he’s openly gay, but he’s not in the closet either, if that makes sense. Marc is straight, or something like that. He’s married and his wife is pregnant.

Kay is attracted to Marc, this is something you can see from the very beginning. The teasing, and the way he constantly invades Marc’s space, the little touches, the shared smoke while smoking a ciggie. Marc is confused and scared. It was obvious that Marc was feeling very torn. Anguished. Kay pushed a bit and you can see in Marc’s face that he was a bit upset, but at the same time he wanted to know.  Torn as he was Mark finally gives into Kay. It was passionate and raw. There was that feeling of I need to have you now because I don’t know if I’ll have you tomorrow. That possessiveness you feel when you are terribly attracted to someone, and can’t stop it, and don’t want to stop it, even if you know that you have to.

Our guys fall in love. It’s beautiful. The first time that Marc showed that lovely smile of his, a smile that was for and because of Kay… I literally melted… Like.. Ugh, I can’t express it. I mean, I saw it and texted the girls I was watching like “OMG look at that joyful smile”.

Smiles and all, what comes later in the movie is sad.

So. Very. Sad.

With Marc’s wife pregnant there is not much he thinks he can do.  He isn’t happy in that marriage. Not him. Not his wife. Things start to fall apart even more than they were, and decisions had to be made. To give it all for your wife and kid, or to start anew, as this man that you discovered you are. It’s complicated. I could feel his pain and his confusion. I could feel his ingrained homophobia and self inflicted resentment for what he had done to his wife and kid, but I could also feel the need he had to free himself and be who he was. A part of me thinks that he could have managed to be himself and be a dad.. I don’t know. Some of my friends think it pretty much impossible, some others think that with time and acceptance is possible… I guess I just wish… Y’know.

The ending is open, really. It’s damn sad, but at the same time it gave me hope. In the middle of all the pain and of all the loneliness and of trying to adjust himself, Marc stays true to himself. He decides to go for the truth instead of living a lie. I know it sounds awesome.. and for the life of me IT IS… but boy I cried.

I guess that there’s a part of me that wishes that there were more LGBT movies with happy endings. As rich as I find all kinds of movies, with all kinds of endings,-  because in the end we get all kinds of stories in real life- I just wish I could see more happy. I still liked it a lot though, despite the heart break. I still think it was a brilliant film with great characters and interpretation and wonderful scenery and a pretty good direction. It think the story was painfully realistic, with a love/couple(s) ending that sounded even more realistic.

So, yes.. You want a good gay themed film? this one is… Just… Get a box of tissues. And maybe… a bottle of wine… And well, chocolate. One thing I do have to tell you: rain scene! :P

A sort of footnote: Above you’ll find the link to Amazon… I think this movie is also available on Netflix USA and Netflix UK. Ironically, despite this being a German movie, you can’t  find it on Netflix Germany… (Or Mexico.. I had to purchase the DVD in Amazon)

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