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REVIEW: “True North: An Apocalyptic M/M Romance” by C. E. Kilgore


An apocalyptic M/M Romance. Electricity is gone. Society is on its knees. The heart’s compass becomes the light in the darkness.

Joshua has had enough of people. Especially those desperate, starving bastards who he’s certain ate his dog. When people decide to leave the university town of Lincoln, Nebraska and head south before winter sets in, Joshua heads north instead. When he lands face-first in a snowbank, he welcomes death. What he finds instead is the handsome smile of Chris, a lone goat farmer who’s trying to make the best of life without power.

About the Heart’s Compass series:
Our heart has its own compass. It knows where we should be heading, even if the rest of us doesn’t. Through loss and love, our heart’s compass guides us through life, often to somewhere completely unexpected. When the world ends, the heart’s compass of several people has them headed in directions they may have never traveled otherwise.

Each book in the series is a stand-alone, novella-length story, but is written within the same fictional setting in which the Earth has just been struck with several massive solar flares. All modern technology has been rendered inoperable. Cars, computers, city infrastructure, phones – all gone in an instant and without warning. In the days directly following the end of the modern world, people must learn to depend on each other, and on their heart’s compass, if they hope to survive.

Title: True North: An Apocalyptic M/M Romance (Heart’s Compass)
Author: C. E. Kilgore
Publisher: Tracing the Stars
Pages: 70
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Purchase Links: Amazon



Have you ever seen those shows about Preppers? I’ve always considered them either one Fruit Loop shy of a full bowl or the smartest peeps around. I can’t decide which. Joshua is definitely not a doomsday prepper. Nearly two months after a series of solar flares zapped any and all electronic devices on Earth his survival button is activated. Josh is a young college student without any family and dull survival instincts.

Angry and feeling betrayed with mankind for the murder of his best friend, his boxer Kenzie, he sets off walking in the snow. He has resigned himself to trek north to avoid any desperate dog-eating humans.

Solitude. He’s searching for a safe warm place to hibernate alone during the winter. Delirious and half-frozen, he falls into a snow bank and accepts his fate. Apparently fate had other ideas for Josh, specifically in the sexy oasis of a rancher. Chris might be sun-weathered and a decade older, but he swiftly sparks life back into Josh.

If only Josh knew if Chris was gay, he couldn’t be….could he? He’s about to enter an absolute dream or an absolute nightmare.

Here’s the thing, Josh is adorable and though the story is told from his POV, it was his internal dialogue that I thought was a hysterical trip. I was smitten with his insecure babbling and his crush on Chris. Though it is the end of the world as they know it, it might be the beginning of something amazing.

Some of my favorite parts include a can opener, a straight razor, and a broken compass. Short, sweet, and a little smexy…I think I’m going to follow the compass and head south next.


Ohhh wait! Did I mention it was free? Perfect way to figure out if you want to make a go of this adventure or not.

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