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REVIEW: “Back East: An Apocalyptic M/M Romance” by C. E. Kilgore


An apocalyptic M/M Romance. Electricity is gone. Society is on its knees. The heart’s compass becomes the light in the darkness.

Eli, an intern for Channel Seven News, finds himself on a bus full of hockey players from the New York City Gay Hockey Association. His boss thought it was a good joke to play on the new kid, but Eli has no problem with the assignment, especially when he befriends the Ice Giant’s winger, a real giant of a man, David LaMonte. When the power goes out and their bus crashes, Eli and David suffer through loss, and find comfort from one another as the world descends into chaos.

About the Heart’s Compass series:
Our heart has its own compass. It knows where we should be heading, even if the rest of us doesn’t. Through loss and love, our heart’s compass guides us through life, often to somewhere completely unexpected. When the world ends, the heart’s compass of several people has them headed in directions they may have never traveled otherwise.

Each book in the series is a stand-alone, novella-length story, but is written within the same fictional setting in which the Earth has just been struck with several massive solar flares. All modern technology has been rendered inoperable. Cars, computers, city infrastructure, phones – all gone in an instant and without warning. In the days directly following the end of the modern world, people must learn to depend on each other, and on their heart’s compass, if they hope to survive.

Title: Back East: An Apocalyptic M/M Romance (Heart’s Compass)
Author: C. E. Kilgore
Publisher: Tracing the Stars
Pages: 60
Release Date: March 17, 2015
Purchase Links: Amazon


So far we’ve been Northbound and Deep South in Texas, this time we are heading back East, New York to be exact. We are…BOOM!! *gasp* So, so sorry. Did that scare you? *wide eyed nod* Me too. This one is scary, sad and a bit angsty. I wasn’t expecting that.

Eli is a journalist doing a story on New York’s Gay Hockey Association. He has joined the team and they are packed into a Greyhound heading to a tournament when their world stops. However, it’s not during a video game or a horse taming session but while they were traveling on a crowded freeway. Crash, bang, burn…it’s horrific. The survivors of the terrifying pileup are scarce. The loss is great and the fear of the unknown is greater. Eli and one of the surviving hockey players, David, cling to any sliver of hope and comfort. They find it in a baby girl’s smile and each other’s arms. New life and bright love shine in the darkness.

Eli was disowned by his family due to his sexual orientation but his Jewish roots are still a substantial part of his core. David is also all too familiar with being forsaken by one’s family, or part of his family. Although over the years he has built his own family with his team and his brothers in the firehouse. Will he hold onto his ties to his past? Or let them go and brave the future with a new family?

Whoa…this installment was meatier and cut deeper. In the past few years I have been exposed to Jewish culture through a family marriage. I have been to ceremonies and learned a great deal. I found the expressions and slang quite enjoyable. It seems C.E. branches out and includes a bit of everything is her stories. How cool is that? I certainly wasn’t bored with this part of Heart’s Compass. Nope, I was hooked and it flew by. Again I tripped over a few editing mishaps. Bummer because this one was  a solid 4 stars until those became distracting.

My highlights from this quarter consist of a lullaby, chocolate pudding, and a bright eyed girl named Stella. Because I couldn’t agree more..it IS a good name.

Next up…the final adventure will take me Out West and I can’t wait!


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