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REVIEW: “Groomzilla” by Tere Michaels


When drama threatens to ruin a romance on a reality show, only a true friend can save a groomzilla’s wedding.

Daniel Green, an event planner with a neat, quiet, orderly life, reluctantly agrees to plan the wedding of his childhood friend Ander, an outrageous fashion designer soon to marry a wealthy entertainment lawyer named Rafe. To complicate matters, the happy couple have agreed to have their wedding made into a reality show—something that practical Daniel isn’t sold on.

Daniel is neither a romantic nor a wedding planner, but he’s the only person in the world who can manage Ander. Distracting him from his mission is Owen Grainger, a too-handsome-to-be-true producer whose quiet charm pulls Daniel into his orbit.

When the stress of the show triggers bad behavior from Ander, co-producer Victor Pierce decides it’s the key to a ratings bonanza, and he begins to undermine Ander and Rafe’s relationship to create more drama. Daniel is determined to protect his friend and his own reputation, but when he finds himself falling hard for Owen, there’s much more at stake than ratings.

groomzillaTitle: Groomzilla
Author: Tere Michaels
Publisher: Dreamspinners
Pages: 160
Release Date: 
Purchase Links: Amazon, Dreamspinners


I’ve been trying to figure out what happened here that this didn’t quite work for me. The characters were likable, the setting was great and original, the plot was wonderful… I mean, seriously, a wedding planner working on his best friend’s wedding that will be part of a reality show. There he meets the producer to said realtity show and sparks start shooting in all directions. It’s an AMAZING plot. But didn’t work for me the way I expected.

Daniel is going to be the planner and best man for his friend’s Ander’s wedding. The guy is not entirely happy about it, but is curious enough (and loves his friend deeply) to go and say yes. Daniel is not a very shiny person. His wardrobe is rather dull, and he doesn’t put a lot of effort into his boring hair. Ander is the opposite. Being a designer he wears the most amazing clothes. But as all good friends, they love each other the way they are, and there’s that.

When Daniel meets producer Owen Grainger, he’s taken aback by the beauty of the man. He’s surprised when Owen asks him out (there’s an underlying intention there).

Long story short: Daniel and Owen work on the attraction they feel for each other. A while-production tragedy happens and hour heros save the day. I have to say that the way they saved the day was very, very touching. I think it was the part I liked the most about this book. It was about friendship, love, and the little details that we sometimes miss or take for granted, both in a love relationship or in a friendship.

Here’s the thing, though. I felt like the chemistry between the MC’s wasn’t as strong. They were attracted to each other because they were cute, hot, and all, but there was really no chemistry there. Or at least I didn’t see it.

The characters were complex. They had traits that I found very attractive and interesting (even if not particularly lovely), but I don’t think those things were explored in the depth I would have liked to. This ended in me being kind of unable to understand them, and kind of feeling that those things (eating disorders, family stuff) were put there to create some sort of bond. It seemed to me that the idea was for the MC’s to bond over that, but didn’t quite happen because it was all too mentioned in the passing. And it’s a shame, because exploring those issues would have been great.

My other niggle were the sex scenes. They were hot, yes, but they were a copy of the one before.

All in all this is a good book, but it’s not what I expected, and I don’t think it was exploited to it’s most. I know that a lot of people will love this. Like I said, the plot is great, the story is dead fun, and the friendships come across in a very emotional way. It just wasn’t for me.


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