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GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: “Demon of Mine” by Rayna Vause

I’d like to thank Boys in Our Books for letting guest post on their site today. I’m very sited to be here and to talk a bit about my book Demon of Mine.

One of the things that you always hear as an author is write what you know. When I was writing Demon of Mine, I really took that saying to heart in regards to the settings and the characters of the book. I thought it might be fun to create your average suburban town and then drop a demon smack into the center of it. But I didn’t put him there to wreck havoc and terrorize people. He’s just one of the local residents. He lives in a condo complex and has a favorite café on main street in his town. As I created all of these locations, I had places that I’ve lived in firmly in my mind. For example, Ryan’s apartment is based very closely on where I lived when I was in high school. The main street of the town and Zavier’s favorite café are based upon the downtown area of where I live and some of the cafes that are there on the main street. Even aspects of Zavier’s condo complex come from real life locations. For the record, no I didn’t name the town. I’m terrible at town names, or a least I think I am.

But what about creating versions of heaven and hell. I’ve never been to either, don’t know anyone who has, so writing what I know wasn’t exactly possible. Creating these worlds, I started with something I did know about — Corporate America. When they say corporate America is hell, they aren’t kidding. It’s chock full of bureaucracy and procedures and often just a lot of ugh. So when I created Corporate South I wanted to incorporate all of those things. I also wanted the physical headquarters to be impressive, maybe even daunting. Think massive skyscrapers with a huge corporate campus that exists alone on a separate plain. Now load South with cubicles as far as the eye can see for the worker bees, because life in a cubicle can be torture. I also added ridiculous luxury for the executives, and a few levels that we can’t speak about. I gave the company an accounting division and a contracts division, and a file room that manages all the paperwork and there you have it. Hell as a huge multi-pronged corporate empire.

Then I populated my world with a corrupt board of demons running show. Down the chain of command, we have Zavier’s immediate supervisor who has aspirations of climbing the ladder and brings new meaning to ‘the boss from hell’. I can honestly say I’ve had experience, maybe not with the board, but definitely the boss type. Again I drew from my own personal experiences to make my fictional world a little more vibrant. There was one touch that I added that was inspired by the movie Office Space. If you’ve ever seen that move, there is this character, Milton, who is pushed until he snaps and all he wants is to hold on to his red stapler. Well in my file room deep in the bowels of Corporate South’s headquarters is a file clerk named Connie. She runs the show there and the two things you don’t mess with are her computers and her Tinkerbell stapler.

One last little bit of trivia. If you look at the cover of Demon of Mine you’ll notice a skyline. That skyline is Center City Philadelphia. Most of the places I’ve mentioned are either in or around the Philadelphia area, which is where I’m from. I never mentioned that fact to my cover artist, so I thought it was pretty cool when it showed up on my cover.

DemonOfMineFSClimbing the corporate ladder can be hell….

As a Collections Demon, Zavier grants his “clients” one wish in exchange for their souls. His job sucks, but once you make a deal with Corporate South, they own you. The trouble is, Zavier’s not a very good Collections Demon, with his tendencies to spurn authority and find loopholes to help deserving clients out of their contracts. He’s under scrutiny from the head of his department, who would quite literally like to see him burn. He just needs to close a simple deal to get upper management off his back. Instead, he meets Ryan.

Ryan is desperately searching for a way to save his dying sister. He doesn’t believe in magic and demons, but he’s out of options. Zavier’s not what he expects in a demon, and even more unexpected is the strong sense of familiarity—very intimate familiarity.

While trying to free Ryan from his contract, Zavier discovers secrets unscrupulous even by South standards. Exposing them could cost Zavier everything, but it might be Ryan’s only hope.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1hAMcJV
B&N: http://bit.ly/1hRGYZY
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1KcDVGS
Dreamspinner Press: http://bit.ly/1UJgrfC
All Romance eBooks: http://bit.ly/1MsRTWG


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About Rayna Vause

Rayna Vause loves to craft romances that mix a little action, a little adventure, and, often, a touch of the paranormal. She’s voracious reader and a perpetual student. Rayna has collected more degrees and certifications then she cares to admit and eventually she’ll probably earn a few more just because. She is a proud geek who injects a little bit of her geeky, tech obsessed soul into every story she writes.

When Rayna isn’t busy make up stories, she’s likely indulging her love of video games. Why? Because playing through the action, adventure, and romance in a role playing game is as good as reading a romance novel and is sometimes great inspiration for her writing. She’s a martial artist having studied American Kenpo Karate. She is also a Disney fanatic of epic proportions.

Rayna is a member of RWA, RRW, and a founding member of Liberty States Fiction Writers. She lives in southern NJ, just a bit outside of Philadelphia and shares a home with a cat who thinks she’s royalty.


One comment on “GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: “Demon of Mine” by Rayna Vause

  1. H.B.
    September 3, 2015

    Thank you for the post! It sounds like a awesome read =)


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