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RELEASE DAY REVIEW: “Base Instincts” by Larissa Ione


As a Seminus demon, Raze’s life literally depends on having sex with females. The problem is that he doesn’t desire females, and it’s physically impossible for him to be with males. Thankfully, he and his best friend, Fayle, have an arrangement that keeps him alive . . . if lonely. He finds some solace in his work as a medic at Thirst, a vampire club known for its rough clientele. But his carefully structured world turns upside down when he meets a mysterious male who makes him want what he can never have.

Slake is an assassin used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Raze. But he also wants to earn back the soul he sold when he was a much different demon. All he has to do is capture a runaway succubus named Fayle and hand her over to her family. What he doesn’t count on is being caught himself by a web of lies—and his attraction to Raze.

Raze and Slake must navigate a dangerous world to be together. But as Fayle’s jealousy of their relationship turns deadly, they find themselves embroiled in a battle not only for their love, but their lives and souls.


Title: Base Instincts
Author: Larissa Ione
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Pages: 150
Release Date: September 14th, 2015
Purchase Links: Riptide


I have a special sweet spot for paranormal romance in my reading diet. PNR can be a gamble though, it can be smooth, upper deck premo or it can be cheap bottom-shelf booze. This was PNR at its finest. High quality, savor each sip, gimmie gimmie more please romance.

If you are green like I was to the Demonica world, never fear. Ione carefully introduces us and then expertly navigates us through her heaven and hell on earth. It was never overwhelming or difficult to follow. There are times when world-building can weigh the story down; this was not one of those.  Key points were explained as they came up. Perhaps it was because Raze and Slake are unfamiliar with each other’s species as well…but, we were all enlightened together. I appreciated this very much.

Raze is a Seminus demon or a Sems. Which is a sex demon and as Wraith put it, they are kind of awesome. I can’t argue there. Totally awesome. However Raze has a problem, an enormous problem actually. He’s gay and he can’t have sex with males. Not so awesome. He has been surviving, or having his sexual needs met, with a bargain of sorts. He partnered with another demon, Fayle, and has been living with her for the past three decades. He protects her and she gives him the orgasms he needs to live. Fair enough exchange, right? Wrong. Fayle is a selfish, jealous bitch. She doesn’t want Raze, but she doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. I’m definitely not in the Fayle fan club.

Then Slake swaggers into the picture and…too bad, so sad for Fayle, Slake wants Raze. Fortunately, Slake is not a man who easily gives up. Did I mention that Slake is a hunter? Oh yeah, he acquires ‘things’ for his boss. Of course it just so happens that Slake needs Fayle just as much as he wants Raze. Will his desires override his duties? And how will he decide which to choose when the prize on the line is the biggest one of all?

There is a really really cool twist that kicked this story from pretty-darn-good to holy-shit-amazing. The fact that a mainstream m/f series author included this is refreshing, exciting and promising. I was a big fan of the whirlwind Qhuay romance during my BDB days and this felt familiar….I loved it!

I can’t give you much more without jeopardizing spoiling and I hate it when that happens. So, before I zip it, let me say this- trust me, if you’re a PNR fan and like the thrill of mating, biting, bonding and fierce alpha sex (which is DOUBLED), you’re gonna want to read this one.

I hate to complain, but if I had one teeny-tiny itty-bitty complaint, it would be it needed just a little bit more. I think it was a tad skinny. Maybe it’s just me being greedy, but an extra 50-60 pages would have beefed this up to a ‘I’m so thoroughly sated my eyeballs can’t move’ post-read haze. Or then again, maybe I would have still begged for more. Sems are good like that ;)










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