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REVIEW: “Stranger on the Shore” by Josh Lanyon


Twenty years ago young Brian Arlington, heir to Arlington fortune, was kidnapped. Though the ransom was paid, the boy was never seen again and is presumed dead. Pierce Mather, the family lawyer, now administers and controls the Arlington billions. He’s none too happy, and more than a little suspicious, when investigative journalist Griffin Hadley shows up to write about the decades-old mystery. Griff shrugs off the coldly handsome Pierce’s objections, but it might not be so easy to shrug off the objections of someone willing to do anything to keep the past buried.



20738173Title: Stranger on the Shore

Author: Josh Lanyon
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: 226
Release Date: May 5, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon


YESSSSSS! This book was SO GOOD!

There’s so much to like in Lanyon books. And in some, there’s a lot to love too. This one WORKED for me.

I’ve been in a bit of a Lanyon kick…4 books in a row…and they were all over the spectrum. So to end it with this one, one that could possibly be one of my favorites, was a treat.

I love how this entire mystery was set up. Griff is a reporter who is writing a book on an unsolved mystery, the disappearance of a 4-year old boy 20 years ago. He’s granted full access to the eccentric, and rich, family of the missing person.

Pierce is the family attorney and long time family friend, looking out for their best interests. He’s suspicious of Griff in the beginning, tests his boundaries, and eventually they find the attraction between them.

Let me talk about the romance element first: I loved Griff and Pierce. Griff was an aw-shucks good guy. Pierce, a slightly cold, untrusting, and HANDSOME counterpart. There wasn’t a whole lot to go on in the beginning and the romance didn’t get started until closer to the end of the book. But, yummmmy…I liked them together. When the story takes a not-so-surprising turn, I came to like them even more…a soul-mates angle that worked for me.

Now the mystery…well, well, well…had me stumped. There were a number of times that I had suspicians and all of those times, I was wrong. When the whodunnit was finally revealed, I was riveted and gasped and savored every page of the tada moment(s).

The riches, the house/mansion, the family, the pretense…it all made me feel sometimes like I was in historical England, and othertimes that I was in old’timey America. The fact that it’s actual a contemporary setting should have had me confused, but I enjoyed the kind of ‘fairy tale’ of it all.

Really, really loved this one. Going to listen to the audiobook right away. Already missing Griff and Pierce (would love more of them!)


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