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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Notes & Highlights…

Are you a note-taker / highlighter when you’re reading? Yes or no…why/why not?




Sometimes as I read, the perfect thing will hit me and if I don’t get it down, I’ll forget it for my review. Sadly, I’m bad at actually doing it.  I like to highlight sentences or whole passages that hit me hard, but if I don’t have a note to go along with it, that impact won’t carry over as well.  I think I love the idea of it, and the benefit, but the thing is, it makes me pause the actual reading experience. It takes me out of the book and into myself. When that happens, I sometimes find it hard to get back to the same feeling I had only a moment before.


I’m a bookmarker. I don’t take notes, but I mark pages that strike me. Typically it’s a struck speechless but on rare occasions it’s the ‘say what?‘ unpleasant jolt. If I am extremely moved by a story, I tend to have a great deal of dog-eared pages. So I suppose the more I hit that bookmark button, the more I want to ensure I remember that book.


Not at all. I find notes and highlights really distracting so steer clear. The few times I’ve bookmarked, it was to mark a scene that I knew I’d love to reread, but was in the middle of a chapter, so harder to navigate to via the table of contents.


Sometimes I do take notes, and sometimes I don’t. When I do it’s because I found some detail to be extremely important. I also like to make notes AFTER I finish the book. I like to detail my thoughts on the characters.

When reading anthologies I always take notes, though, because I never write the reviews of one story at the time. I write them all in the end. So note taking is a must.

Aside from that i really don’t do the note thing.


I rarely highlight and never take notes. The typing functionality on a kindle paperwhite is SO BAD that it’s too frustrating to even try. But, on the rare occasion that I do highlight, it’s one of those “this line will stay with me forever” parts…usually something that I can use as a motto or a teaching moment for myself…or a blissfully swoony declaration of love!



5 comments on “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Notes & Highlights…

  1. fritz42war
    October 9, 2015

    I’m a highlighter, note-taker and bookmaker. I’ll highlight things in order to remember them for reviews. I’ll also take notes, especially if I have strong reactions to something that has happened in the story. Bookmarking is a must with my favorite books because I frequently find myself wanting to revisit and re-read my favorite parts of those books. It makes it quick and easy to find them on my NOOK.


  2. Marlobo
    October 9, 2015

    I’m a heavy highlighter but only on digital texts; on paper I use a lot of flags and sometimes traditional bookmarks when I’m reading a book that I don’t want take the risk of damage it.

    My highlighting intensity relates directly with what I ‘m reading:
    * when I read Fiction I highlight and flag poetry very often and only occasionally a novel or a short story,
    * when I read Non Fiction only occasionally I let a book go by without highlighting or flagging it. Besides, if I’m dealing with professional papers or sources for an article often I write marginal notes.


  3. Luce
    October 9, 2015

    I don’t highlight or take notes at all because doing so would take me out of the story. Maybe I’d use the highlighting/note-taking features on my tablet if I reviewed books. I’d like to be accurate whenever I quoted something. :)


  4. H.B.
    October 9, 2015

    For books, I don’t ever highlight, there’s just something about it that bugs me. I’m more of a note taker and will leave my notes of my impression or issues with the passage. For papers, I do sometimes highlight although I largely stick to note taking for that too.


  5. juliesmall1959
    October 11, 2015

    For me I do highlight! I then transfer all of the important facts into a spreadsheet so I can write my personal review, either after I first finish reading or a couple of days later. As I am a very heavy reader that helps me remember what I want to from the book!


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