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REVIEW: “Taste In Men” by Douglas Black


Taylor Dale is terrified of getting tied down. After years working a job he doesn’t like in a city he’s always wanted to leave, he is finally on the verge of starting over. He just has to make it through his two-week’s notice.

A team-building weekend throws a spanner in the works when Taylor meets Charles. Charles is definitely not Taylor’s type, but attraction sparks hard and fast between them. Against his better judgment Taylor decides there might not be any harm in a weekend of no-strings-attached fun.

But Taylor never was very lucky.

One night with Charles threatens to turn his world upside down, if Taylor is willing to let it. In a panic, Taylor pushes Charles away, but distance isn’t enough to stop him wanting the man. Soon, Taylor realizes he has to take a chance and see if there might be a future between him and Charles. But for that to happen he’s going to have to hope Charles will answer his call.


Title: Taste In Men
Author: Douglas Black
Publisher: Loose Id
Pages: 152
Release Date: September 21, 2015
Purchase Links: Loose ID, Amazon


Blurred lines. You know you want it…..*taps toes* That song has a nice beat, doesn’t it? In books though, *shrugs* it’s not really my thing. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t shake free of this uncomfortable feeling that plagued me throughout the entire book. Not a thing was wrong with the writing, I enjoyed it. This wasn’t a big surprise because I have enjoyed the works of Mr. Black in the past. Sadly it was the story that held me back. I am totally throwing the me-not-you card on this one. It was me, not the story, that failed to fly.

Taylor was a tough nut to crack. I struggled to connect with him. He’s a tech-whore, work fanatic, introvert in his mid-twenties, living life without really living. He refuses to feel trapped or tied down and yet he’s never allowed himself to soar. No friends, save for one long distance mate, no relationship or lovers excluding the occasional club hook-up, and not even a car because it means commitment. He hates his job or more precisely the bunch of ungrateful twats he works with. Insane hours at work finally pay their dues and he strikes gold in terms of techno-speak. He creates a bestselling app and quickly cashes in on the profits. First thing first, he puts in his notice at the dreadful office. His supervisor isn’t going to make it easy on him and insists he partake in the company team-building weekend. Set in Scotland, I was excited for this adventure packed weekend even if Taylor was not.

Enter Charles.

A stranger joins the tour bus and Taylor is shaken by his presence. He is certain he’s never seen him before, yet he’s a familiar face among the team. They lock sights on each other and Taylor is done for. Charles radiates an intense, powerful and regal essence. He’s easily twice Taylor’s age and despite his mantra that he doesn’t ‘do older’ his argument is weak, even to his own ears. He likes young, barely legal twinks and he likes to be in charge. He’s a confident top in the bedroom. He’s suddenly…questioning everything about his previous ‘taste’ and preferences.

The weekend opens a door that Taylor is terrified to step through. Charles has lived well but lost severely. The story behind his atypical tattoo made my heart melt. I liked Charles. I wanted him to find a partner to fill in some of the missing pieces of his heart. I wasn’t bothered by the age gap necessarily but I was bothered by the ‘your mouth is saying NO but you don’t really mean it’ aspect of their sex scenes. I would have enjoyed this story immensely more if Taylor would have conceded that while salt and pepper wasn’t his classic flavor, he wanted this salt and pepper man.

I’d love to give this tale a rave review, but alas…it simply wasn’t my taste either.

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